New Croatian version of our website

Yesterday we launched a new, redesigned version of our Croatian website – inchoo.hr. The new design follows the inchoo.net’s look and feel with a little twist in the header to improve the differentiation of the two websites. The difference is obvious in the color scheme and contour of our hometown Osijek that can be seen in the header.

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TWIG with wordpress part2

Using TWIG plug in we made in part1 of this article

It’s highly advised to read part1 first to understand what’s going on.

When our TWIG engine autoloader is ready, and our plugin is activated from wp-admin side, we can go to wordpress themes folder and make new theme folder. Inside our theme folder, let’s make starter file: ‘index.php’ slightly modified to fit our needs:

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TWIG with WordPress part1

Making TWIG autoload from WP plugin

Maybe someone will say: this is a crazy idea. Why would someone want to do that?
Maybe it really is crazy, but I would say: why not?

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Parsing Amazon affiliate links in WordPress

Recently my team had problem with Amazon affiliate links on our web site.
On the web, we have wordpress installation and inside main content of web page we have some Amazon affiliate links that entered in the content few years ago and not working any more because Amazon changed API somehow. I searched the web for some new version of wordpress plug-in for new API version, because our old plug-in for displaying that links properly was turned off.

FYI that links inside content look like this:

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How to move existing WordPress site to another server

Some experienced developers would say: “Piece of cake , I can do it for about 15 minutes!”
But, is it really so easy and trivial task?

It’s not so heavy, but you have to pay attention on some really important things and because of that, I would like to say that it is not heavy but more sensitive task to do.

So, let’s start with article.

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WordPress for Android

There I was yesterday, sitting at the caffe bar, waiting for friends to arrive. Newspaper news were boring since the topics were all about standard politics. During these times I often check latest comments on this blog and moderate (approve or spam) them. Logging to the administration via my HTC desire was a pain and clicking on that tiny “Approve” link is even more painful. I was thinking that native Android App would be of great help.

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Our New Design is Nominated for CSS Design Awards

Hi Everyone,

After all the work we have done to get our new website up and running, we are now trying to get the attention of the design community and show that we do design in the same way we do development; with distinctive passion and quality. If you want to help us to win this award, all you have to do is to go to cssdesignawards.com hover the image and vote for us!

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New Inchoo.net Design

Hi Everyone. Since I started working at Inchoo – in fact since my interview, Tomislav (our CEO) has been talking about the revamping of Inchoo.net. In Brazil we have a popular saying: “In a blacksmith’s house, the skewer is made of wood”, which can be applied to almost all types of businesses. You know the drill, unless something is really hurting, we keep our non-billable projects on the back-burner and keep the focus on our clients and opportunities for new projects. Thankfully, we found a gap in between projects and I was the designer responsible.

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WordPress User Roles Explained With Table

I hope I’m not the only one who got a little bit confused when WordPress created a user role “Contributor”. My first question was, what’s the difference in privileges between a contributor and an author?

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Where are my geocoins? Landsharkz is launched!

Do you know what is geocaching? It is an outdoor activity where the members use navigational techniques (ex. GPS) to hide and seek containers (called “geocaches” or “caches”) anywhere in the world. Geocaching is most often described as a “game of high-tech hide and seek”, sharing many aspects with orienteering, treasure-hunting, and waymarking. A geocoin, on the other hand, is a metal or wooden coin minted in similar fashion to a medallion, token coin, military challenge coin or wooden nickel. They are usually trackable on the relevant website using a serial number and website address engraved on the coin. It is a little hard to describe the whole process in two sentences, so we’ll get to the point of this article. We present you Landsharkz, online store where you can purchase Geocaching Supplies and Geocoins.

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Mountain Made Launched

We are very proud to announce that we were working on one great online store in the last couple of weeks. We wish you welcome to the web marketplace of West Virginia’s finest handmade art: Mountain Made. Its online gallery and storefront brings you the highest quality crafts and creations made in the Applachian tradition. You’ll find artists working in just about every medium imaginable, as well as musicians. Be sure to check out our courses and studios, too.

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Climate Change (Blog Action Day 2009)

I’ve been involved with Blog Action Day since it first started in the summer 2007. It’s a one day in a year when bloggers all around the world unite to spread the word about a certain humanity-wide problem.

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How to use WordPress home page in Magento home page (CMS page)

Simple : ) -Ok, lets get down to business. This one is really, really simple, but powerful. In all it greatness Magento lacks the good content management solution (CMS features). Lot of people are heading down the road of integrating the WordPress and Magento. Probably everyone in web development has heard about WordPress. Personaly I like them, from Joomla, Drupal, WordPress…

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