Case study – Implementing Google Custom Search – 338% revenue increase!

Case study – Implementing Google Custom Search – 338% revenue increase!

We are privileged to work with some amazing online stores out there, and it gives us great pleasure when we see our recommendations implemented, tested and see the results that have amazing impact on our clients’ businesses.

While analyzing the site-search terms for one of our clients using a Magento store and default Magento site-search functionality, we figured out there is lots of space for improvement. A lot of phrases used in this client’s site search were returning 0 results. Some of the search terms were really targeted for content that was actually part of CMS pages, blog posts or category pages on the client’s site. Unfortunately, Magento’s search searches only through products.

It is possible to play around Magento’s site search functionality and “fine tune it” – and we did so with some of our previous clients – but in case of a large number of search terms and usage volume, this is virtually impossible.

After carefully taking all factors into consideration, our final choice for this particular client was Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) implementation.

We trusted the implementation and styling part to our development team at Inchoo and they did a fantastic job.

High volume of sales allowed us to quickly see statistically significant results. A week has passed after the implementation and we have some astonishing numbers to share with you!

Improvement for site-search users 1 week after implementation:

  • 338.83% increase in revenue from site search users!
  • 92.02% increase in conversion rate of site-search users!
  • 104.79% increase in average order value for site-search users!
  • 41.94% decrease in search exits (people who exit the website right after search – usually since the ycan’t find what they’re looking for)!

The amount of people using site search was pretty much the same in both these weeks we compared. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Here’s a screenshot with some numbers censored for client’s discretion:

If you’re interested in Google Custom Search Engine, you can see pricing and plans here.

Please note we are in no way saying that Google’s site search solution is the best option for every merchant out there! There are lots of factors to take into account, but it was the best solution for this particular client.

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