Inchoo becomes Magento Professional Partner

Inchoo has officially become a Magento Professional Partner. With this step, Inchoo joins an international roster of Magento Solution Partners as the first partner in Southeastern Europe.

After two years of dedicating ourselves to a great ecommerce platform that is Magento, it was about time we formalized the relationship.

For those of you who have been following us, this shouldn’t come as a surprise – we’ve passionately worked with all the strengths and weaknesses of Magento from its very beginning, contributing to the community of developers and Magento itself by often sharing some tips and tricks, code snippets and free extensions adding some features to the Community Edition.

When Magento launched the Professional Edition in May, we saw it as a great opportunity to expand our services to small business owners looking for a bespoke ecommerce solution.

The Professional Edition comes with some new features that are not included out of the box with the Community Edition:

  • Gift Certificates/Cards (both virtual and physical)
  • Reward Points System
  • Customer Store Credits
  • Strong Data Encryption

You can check the Professional Edition demo store here or go behind the scenes in the admin section.

We look forward to embarking on new adventures with Magento.

UPDATE: We created this special landing page where you can buy Magento Professional Edition.

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  1. Great stuff Inchoo. It’s a good progression in your business and I wish you great success as a Magento professional partner.

    We are also planning to formalize our Magento status at some point. We’re working on it.

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