Finally, a design team!

Finally, a design team!

On February 10, 2014, we hired Marko Brisevac, web designer and entrepreneur who joined Dino Balen in forming a design team at Inchoo. This was a new milestone for the company since the plan to grow in-house design expertise is now taking shape.

In this interview, we are bringing you a background that led to establishment of a design team.

Tomislav, but who designed our previous sites? Inchoo has been creating websites since 2008.

In these 5.5 years, we worked on design phases with many partners. When we started, Inchoo was organised as an eCommerce business unit of a US based company – Surgeworks where designers were from Brasilia – Capital of Brazil. We worked on dozens of projects with them. Later, from 2011 to 2013 we were working with Lyssandro Reis, who was our designer and operations manager in Australia.

In 2013 we worked again with the team from Brasilia who started their own business – Startaê and with Zorin Radovancevic, a designer from the local company – Escape.

Too many names? After many years of strict focus on development expertise, we all agreed that building an internal design expertise is a logical next step for the company. Therefore, we hired Dino in June 2013 and (as was already said), Marko two weeks ago.

Dino, can you tell us more about the team plans?

Now that I’m no longer a one-man team, designing websites and implementing new design workflows and processes at Inchoo will be a much easier task. In this brief time we already managed to boost productivity and connectivity between various departments in the company with design team enabling much smoother collaboration.

Apart from that, the team will be preparing in-house design workshops to bring non-designers up to speed with latest trends. One of our main goals in the next months is to deliver high quality content for Inchoo blog which will include topics from usability and design point of view. Hopefully, with increased scope of work, we will manage to hire additional designer by the end of the year.

Marko, you joined us a few days ago. What are your first impressions?

After two weeks at Inchoo I can say that atmosphere is really friendly and relaxing with a very professional approach to work.

Co-workers helped me to fit in immediately and I’m sure good workplace relationships will make going to work everyday enjoyable.

Dino, you have been designing at Inchoo for a while now. What’s the importance of design team and how will our clients benefit from it?

Inchoo is developing e-commerce sites for a long period now and having in-house design team is the next logical step to provide full service to our clients. Active work and collaboration with developers and project managers gives us insights from “technical side”. This synergy of development and design expertise creates a strength that results in an efficient online store creation process.

I would like to emphasize that design team is not focused purely on visual design. Instead, we are focusing to deliver best user experience through research and planning phase to our clients that will help grow their business and boost their sales.

Marko, as an entrepreneur, you worked on many successful international design projects. What do you hope you’ll bring to Inchoo?

That’s true, I’ve been working on web and mobile design projects for a vast number of clients, from individuals and small start-ups to well established companies, but designing exclusively for e-commerce will be a fresh challenge.

I believe that my experiences across a range of projects, with various clients, coupled with my energy and enthusiasm will support the design team to achieve its vision.

I’m elated to have the opportunity to be a part of this team from its beginning and I’m sure Inchoo will not be known only for online stores, but for beautifully designed ones too.

Two designers, one team and many goals that are in front of them – a new Inchoo department is born to round up our services. If you want for your business to get a design service that will deliver results, get in touch.

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