How Many eCommerce Sites are Powered by Magento in 2020?

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From time to time we encounter a question that sounds something like this: “How many eCommerce sites out there are built on Magento?

The answer to this question is not easy to give. This is because the data needed to give this answer is in a way both easy and hard to find.

But, we will try to give you some sense of the general number of the Magento eCommerce sites in this post.

For this blog post, we will use data from BuiltWith and Datanyze. We will also use data from W3Techs just to get a sense of trends in eCommerce platforms.

All data for this blog post is taken on April 22nd, 2020.

So, let’s get started.

magento websites globally builtwith 1

Screenshot is taken from BuiltWith

Data from this picture was taken from BuiltWith. We can see that there are approximately 170,000 websites built with Magento on the entire world wide web. That’s around 1.4% of all websites (not just eCommerce sites).

Similar data can be found in W3Tech where we can see that Magento holds around 1.4% of all CMS.

w3tech magento trend

Screenshot is taken from W3Tech

When we look at the data for only eCommerce sites you can see that the Magento holds around 3% of all market.

magento all ecommerce sites

Screenshot is taken from BuiltWith

But, If we look at the data from Datanyze we can see one similarity and one discrepancy.

datanyze magento data

Screenshot is taken from Dataynze

The similarity is in market share among eCommerce platforms. The discrepancy is in the number of websites using the Magento platform.

Number of sites on Magento

As there is also data for the best 1,000,000, 100,000, 10,000, and 1,000 websites – for easier reading, we have pulled out this data in one simple table.

magento number sites ecommerce

It should be noted that for data ranging from 1.000.000 to 1.000 in case of Datanyze – it’s using data from Alexa.

What we can conclude from this data?

That there are anywhere from 45,000 to 170,000 Magento websites in the world?

It all depends on what data you are looking at. But we can agree that Magento is holding around 3% of the eCommerce market.

UPDATE: Just a couple of days ago, before we decided to publish this blog post, we have found out that has decided to share some additional info about the number of Magento websites.

sansec data magento sites

Screenshot is taken from Sansec

If we merge the number of Magento 1 and Magento 2 websites, we have around 147,000 sites on Adobe platform. Which is pretty close to data from BuiltWith

The fall of Magento?

Initially, this blog post should have been published at the start of March of 2020. We collected data around that time and now it’s a great opportunity to compare data (difference in time frame is around 50 days). For easier reading, we shall compare only data for the entire internet.

The data from BuiltWith:

magento sites builtwith march 2020

Screenshot is taken from BuiltWith

The data from Datanyze:

datanyze magento march 2020

Screenshot is taken from Datanyze

And now we can compare this data.

magento number sites difference

As we can see, in the last 50 days there has been a decline of almost 12% to 34% in the number of eCommerce sites using the Magento platform (depending on which data you’re looking at).

Update: If we also look at the data from Sansec, we can see that the global trend is downwards. There were about 25000 websites less (Magento 1) in the past three months, and there were only about 1500 more websites on Magento 2. That’s 23,500 sites less in three months on the Magento platform.

If we take that trend, then we can try to predict what the number will be for New Year 2021.

magento sites 2021

Is this something that you will also expect to happen? Or is this number too low for you? Comment below this blog post.

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