How to set FedEx shipping in Magento

How to set FedEx shipping in Magento

This is guide about setting FedEx shipping method in Magento.

Step 1. Go to: Fedex Developer Resource Center and create developer’s account.

Step 2. When you create developer’s account go to Developer Resource Center and click on top navigation FedeEx Web Services -> FedeEx Web Services for Shipping.
Now, you will see the link Develop & Test Your Application (about testing, obtain developer test key) click on it. Then you only have to send request for test environment, you can see the link “Obtain Developer Test Key” click on it and fill the form. After sending form with data, you will receive email message from FedEx with all required data for testing FedEx shipping method.

In this email message you will get: Test Account Number:xxxxxxxxx (for FedEx Web Services for Shipping only) and you have to insert this number in field Account ID in FedEx config section, take a look at below image.

Step 3. When you’re almost ready to launch:

After you’ve successfully tested your application and are ready to go into production, go to the FedEx Developer Resource Center to obtain your Production key.

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  1. Hi Domagoj,

    Thanks for the great article, I’ve been able to set up the developer account with no problem. My question is: is there any specific reason I should wait to set up our account until we’re almost ready to launch? I’m working on setting up and testing all of our shipping methods now, so if I can get the FedEx Rates to start working sooner than later I think that would be helpful so I don’t have to go back.

    Thanks again!


  2. Hello ,

    I have install Fedex successfully in 1.7 but how to get processing detail in popup when I click on trcak product link ,
    Here is my array Shipment #100000004

    Mage_Shipping_Model_Tracking_Result_Status Object
    [_data:protected] => Array
    [carrier] => fedex
    [carrier_title] => Federal Express
    [tracking] => 123456789012
    [status] =>
    [service] =>
    [signedby] =>
    [shippeddate] => 1970-01-01
    [progressdetail] => Array


    [_hasDataChanges:protected] => 1
    [_origData:protected] =>
    [_idFieldName:protected] =>
    [_isDeleted:protected] =>
    [_oldFieldsMap:protected] => Array

    [_syncFieldsMap:protected] => Array


    Tracking Number: 123456789012
    Carrier: Federal Express

  3. Hello

    When I enter the fedex test account details in magento backend,it shows an error message in checkout page.When I check the error log for fedex it shows the error “[Code] => 691
    [Message] => The PurposeOfShipmentType is null, empty or invalid.
    [LocalizedMessage] => The PurposeOfShipmentType is null, empty or invalid.”.

    Please help me to figure out this

    Thanks in advance

  4. I am using the fedex credential and enable for checkout.
    when click on proceed to checkout i got this error “sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time.”

    I put the shipping address

    10853 Rose Ave, Los Angeles,california,US

    what is problem ? please help me

  5. I’m shipping items over $100 usually in the $1000’s and FedEx is adding insurance by default. I don’t see a setting to change this. Does anyone on the forum have any ideas?

  6. The Magento FedEx shipping module will create a shipment where the shipper will pay for the Duties and Taxes. There’s no option to select if it’s the Shipper or Receiver to pay for the Duties and Taxes. It’s default the shipper! The problem is the calculated shipping cost for the buyer is without these extra cost, and this leaves the shipper with an extra bill. To solve this i need the option to select if it’s the Shipper or Receiver to pay for the Duties and Taxes, and/or an option to include any Duties and Taxes to the shipping cost.
    Does anyone have an idear how to solve this?

  7. Hello,
    I set 150 as maximum allowed weight per package.
    Now I was on call with FedEX to check how the request is sent at there end.
    If I have cart weight below 150lbs the FedEX server gets correct weight on there server.
    Now if I have more that 150lbs in my cart FedEx agent told me that they only got 120lbs on there server and as one 1package.

    Now here is the problem, In Magento If I enter any weight in cart it always take it as 1 package.
    and if I add more that 150lbs in my cart it still take it as 1 package with around 122-125lbs and rejects rest of the weight.
    its not making multiple packages if my weight is more than 150lbs as it works on FedEx desktop tool.

    Any help??

  8. I just got call from FedEx local agent in my country (Macedonia) and they said everything is OK with your settings but unfortunately Macedonia can’t use FedEx Api…so my story with Magento and FedEx ends here 🙁 the same situation is with UPS… I have DHL now as only option and will try to use them, show must go on, at the end of the day I still have table rates as one more option.

  9. I am having this same problem. Have completely updated all the fedex info on a brand new update of Magento; it is still not showing up as an option. Fedex said to call Magento and talk to them about it. Have looked at the forums and made changes to settings as suggested and still nothing. Fedex said they do not even see me pinging on their system when I try to get a shipping estimate.

  10. Hi,
    any update on this? (Magento ver. and FedEx)

    I have SOAP and OpenSSL installed on my servers but still not able to get FedEx estimation…

    Can someone explain why is this happening in FedEx log file?

    [Message] => Rates and transit times are not available for the account number entered. 

    and this one:

    [Message] => Service was validated at the country level, but might not be valid for the actual intended city for the origin. 

    kind regards

  11. I need some help please! I have no idea why there is no shipping options in my checkout. I have entered the meter,account,key, and password numerous times and everytime i enter it there are still no shipping option. This is the last step before i launch the ecommerce site. thanks for your time and help.

  12. Zelf, did you get an answer on the below question.

    “The fedex module returns “LIST” rates and not “ACCOUNT” rates for my fedex account. How do we change this in the configs?”

    Anyone Please .. who knows how to change this from LIST to ACCOUNT?


  13. Fedex has changed its API completely (as of May, 2012). You have to update your Fedex interface to the new Web Services format.

  14. I setup Fedex module 1 year ago for my website. It worked withount any problem before but about 2 weeks I don’t know why It stopped to work. It displayed a error message “This shipping method is currently unavailable. If you would like to ship using this shipping method, please contact us.”

    Can you please help me to figure out what is the problem?

  15. The fedex module returns “LIST” rates and not “ACCOUNT” rates for my fedex account. How do we change this in the configs?

  16. FedEx has changed their website. Now you go to Technical Resources and click on FedEx Web Services for Shipping and Move to production. Then at the bottom of the page click obtain production key.

  17. I tried everything for it work and it does not work. There was another developer on this site who really didn’t Magento…Then they hired me to fix his mistakes I know the community edition pretty solid and the negleted to tell me I am working with professional.. from what I could make from it I think he installed a module for shipping guessing could not make it work right and then did not uninstall right because now something is completly broke within the standard Fed Ex Mod that come in the configuration of Magento I really do not know if SQL issue with one of the core files but something is not displaying Fed Ex at all it won’t even throw a error message

  18. Hello

    I am newly started working on Magento, and I need to assign a shipment tracking number automatically from a list which is provided by my courier.

    so I need add those available codes automatically on the press of the “ADD tracking” button & i have to store the order number & the respective tracking number in separate table.

    somebody help me for doing this

    Imran…… smirk

  19. i have contacted the fedex support and got the reply

    “What is the error that you are receiving exactly? I will need to see the transaction you are sending to the FedEx server to further troubleshoot this issue. Please provide the XML, Soap/XML, or Tagged transaction as an attachment, or copy and paste it into the body of this email.”

    How we get the XML request/response to verify the above?

    please advice me …

  20. Hi ,
    i have registered a production key with fedex and use the steps in the tutorial , but still get the error
    This shipping method is currently unavailable. If you would like to ship using this shipping method, please contact us.

    i have selected two shipment methods Ground and 2nday which we registered in fedex.

    any help will be great for me

  21. hi everyone i tried all the above mentioned ways but still get the shipping module not available message.
    i dont know what the problem is. i am using magento and the shipping origin is nepal does any of these causes a problem.

  22. Hi,
    I am new to Magento, i am working in magento project and configured the FedEx shipping module like shown in this article. I have question.
    Where should I track the order status in FexEx? and Whether admin should enter the his/her own(any code) Tracking code when he/she generates the Shipment in magento admin section and when? or FedEx will give Tracking no?

  23. Hi there, I set up my shipping with fedex and is working fine except for one problem that I am having. Lets say I have a product added to cart, it weights 2 lbs, shipping to x zip code, the cost is $8.61 which is perfectly fine.

    My problem is when I change the qty to 2, this means that the shipping rate should be calculated based on 4 lbs, and the cost should be $17.22. But for some reason it only adds $0.78 to $8.61, which is not right. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  24. By “draft shipping” I mean when Magento completes an order with FedEx shipping selected, I’d like to see a shipping created in FedEx when I log into the Fedex site so all I have to do is print out the label from the FedEx site without typing in the destination address and all.

  25. I don’t know what you mean by draft shipping but everything seems to be the same as before only difference being that now more methods are available. The client hasn’t complained yet and also didn’t provide an api key. Still using the one for testing purposes. After I get the other key I’ll try changing back the gateway url and see if that was the problem.

  26. @Sabin:

    I wasn’t directly in contact with the FedEx service as it was our warehouse who setup everything.
    The only thing I am sure is that they provided me a list of available shipping methods and after that when I correctly selected those shipping methods on Magento it worked instantly! I jumped all around the office! 🙂
    I hope you will find a way on FedEx administration interface to select your types of shipping methods. (call FedEx I think it will be faster)

  27. thank you for your quick response. I had several shipping methods selected but only ground is showing up. also found this but the issue is unsolved.

  28. Hey Sabin
    go to magento admin section -> system -> config -> shipping methods -> fedex and select all fedex methods.

  29. After many attempts, I found why it wasn’t working. You must make your Allowed methods match with your online FedEx account. After this everything should work perfectly! It took me weeks to resolve this issue but in fact so logical. 🙂

  30. Heya, Magento’s default FedEx functionality is lacking. If you’re serious about shipping, definitely check out one of the third party solutions ->

    ShipSync – A Magento FedEx extension that features better rate estimations, automatic shipment creation, label printing, tracking codes, address validation, and more. $250.

    ShipRush – Features similar functionality, but requires installation of a stand-alone app on a Windows PC. Does not include address validation. Free for Magento. I think this is a fork from Shipper, but I’m not sure.

    ShipWorks – This is not a native Magento app, but can be integrated with a bit of work. ShipWorks offers tracking, labels, and more granular package creation, but like ShipRush doesn’t include some of the FedEx specific features such as address validation. $50/mo.

    PS, I’ve been using ShipSync for my eCommerce store, and have been very happy with it.

  31. It works with a “plain vanilla” FEDEX account ID (and it was working before I tried this.) By sighing up for a FEDEX webservices account, I was hoping this integration would create a “draft” shipment on the FedEx web site for a Magento order. That is the functionality I’m looking for. The current “plain vanilla” FEDEX setup allows for Magento to calculate a rate but I’d like an integration that does need me copying and pasting the shipping address into the FEDEX web site.

  32. I have exactly the same problem as Rober Richards.

    I took the Test Account Number and enabled the FedEx shipping. I also try to activate it by store in the “Scope configuration” it didn’t worked either.

    Is there any solution?

  33. When I use the “Test Account Number” Magento shows that FEDEX shipping is “not available”
    Is there a trick to getting Magento to recognize the Test Account ID?

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