MageTalk: Kalen and Tomislav on history of Inchoo and future of Magento

Tomislav Bilić, founder of Inchoo, talked with Kalen Jordan, founder of MageMail, in one of the MageTalk series Kalen co-hosts with Phillip Jackson. Here’s what they discussed.

History of Inchoo

If you ever wondered how Inchoo began and what’s the secret when it comes to the way Inchoo handles business, this podcast might give you answers you’re looking for.

In one hour, Tomislav and Kalen discuss the early stages of the company where Tomislav put Inchoo story in a context you might not know by now.

As you’ll be able to see (if you didn’t know by now), Inchoo is not a jack of all trades, rather a master in one small niche – eCommerce.

Why eCommerce?

It’s easy to track the results which, roughly translated, means there is less philosophy than in other web development projects.

But hey, let’s not talk only about the past!

Future of eCommerce

Quick run through those parts clearly shows that eCommerce is here to stay. No matter will that be Magento, or some other way of purchasing things online.

We’ll let you in on a little secret you’ll be able to hear during the podcast – secret ingredient to Inchoo’s formula is continuous innovation. At this point, that means prepping for Magento 2 projects and, at the same time, helping our clients to innovate the way they work and handle their business.

Interested in finding out more? Don’t miss out – here’s a link to the full podcast!

What are your stories and comments? Feel free to share! 🙂

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