Meet Magento Spain features an Inchooer talking about Magento 2 Javascript workflow

Last Meet Magento which will host an Inchooer is Meet Magento Spain. Curious about what will be the topic Filip Svetličić will talk about, we decided to dig into what you can expect. If you happen to wonder why you should visit Madrid and be at Meet Magento, changes in Magento 2 Javascript workflow should be one of them. 

For starters, Filip, tell us something about yourself. What do you do at Inchoo, and what do you do outside of work? How did you end up applying for Spain?

Filip: At Inchoo I’m mostly doing frontend development and project management. I’m a senior frontend developer working with Magento for about 6 years now. Besides my regular work assignments I love to compose electronic music and to draw. In short, that’s something that defines me. Nowadays, I mostly enjoy spending time with my son Sven. I wanted to present at Meet Magento and Madrid was one of the places available on the schedule. It’s a beautiful city, so why not try my luck there. 🙂

What will be your topic and what will you cover?

Filip: My topic will be Magento 2 Javascript improved workflow. Magento 2 introduced a complete new way of how javascript workflow is organized and all that  with strong aim for a better performance. There are new ways of interacting with javascript components and I will try to cover the differences comparing it with the current system. I will mainly focus on things like javascript resources configuration (require.js), initialization, using custom javascript and interacting with magento widgets (accordion, tabs etc.).

How much time you have to present it – is it enough, what would be the ideal person listening to you talk?

Filip: Half ‘n hour is hopefully enough. I won’t go into details much, I will mainly focus on covering all the important changes and how the changes will affect our current workflow. Presentation is mainly oriented towards Magento frontend developers currently doing bunch of Magento projects, and that’s also the required prerequisite at the same time. But all attendees are welcome, of course.

So far, you’ve been a lecturer on a few of the local events. Do you feel any different preparing for Meet Magento?

Filip: Of course I feel different, it’s far more challenging. You need to prepare everything in English which makes the overall process a bit more trickier. I don’t have much experience talking in English in front of the audience so I expect to gain a lot from this one. 🙂

Where can people find out more about what you’ll be talking about?

Filip: I’m mainly tracing Magento 2 on my own while following their well written documentation.

Talking with Filip got us curious about the changes Magento 2 will bring when it comes to Javascript workflow. Sure, many have already heard that there will be changes, but who can name them? Meet Magento Spain is the perfect opportunity to hear all about it and get the knowledge first hand. We hope to see you there!

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