Palic beauty and the Magento beasts

Palic beauty and the Magento beasts

This is a short story of how a bunch of Inchooers attended an ecommerce conference in Palic, Serbia. It was legen – wait for it…


A team of 8 went on an ecommerce conference E-Trgovina 2011 organized in Palic, a beautiful resort on the Palic Lake in Serbia, only 2 hours drive from our offices in Osijek.

This is fast becoming a tradition for us – since 2009 we haven’t missed this conference as it is conveniently located, there’s a bunch of geeks we can get to know, and we’re getting out of office for a change.

The conference itself is a platform for most of Who’s Who in Serbian ecommerce to showcase their products and services, network and share some of their experiences of running web-based businesses in the region.

Among 300+ participants, we met some really interesting people, so a quick shout-out to one of them who we spent most of the time with, Nebojsa Pantic – he was the one who coined the phrase from the title – in his overview of the conference he called us “Magento beasts from Croatia” – so there you go…

We also met some ex-Magento developers, but we witnessed an interesting phenomenon – all of them were making some strange sounds, had some eye twitching issues and were for some reason trying to make us switch back to osCommerce 🙂

Now, to the fun part – in addition to the conference itself, the resort around Palic Lake is a really beautiful place, with a fairytale-like atmosphere. It’s great for long walks, runs or rides along the lake shore or parks, and to top that off, local cuisine is extraordinary (trust us, we know good food when we see it) and you can really kick back and relax there.

We can’t wait for the next year’s conference, and in the meantime, you’ll be seeing several Inchooers at Magento Developers Paradise in Ibiza this June, so better come prepared!

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