April Fools’ Day got canceled by Magento Imagine

April Fools’ Day got canceled by Magento Imagine © Designed by ibrandify / Freepik

Well played, Magento… well played. This year Magento organized Imagine conference so that it overlaps with April 1st, with the sheer goal to minimize the effect of April Fools’ Day jokes that were detrimental to minds and bodies of some people over at Magento in the recent years. Check out the full story below.

Magento Imagine is happening officially April 3-5 this year, but Partner Summit is on April 2nd and many PreImagine activities are also taking place during the entire weekend, starting today (April 1st).

This means Magento has pre-emptively taken off the table the opportunity for many community members (yours truly included) to make a friendly jab at them here and there, like we used to do around this time every year.

This is what our source from Magento had to say about the decision:

We felt that with all the fake news, alternative facts, Magento 2 out there – we had to do something about it. I mean, we knew that the community will not fall short on the jokes around April Fools’ Day.

Granted, many of those jokes are funny (or even make sense) only to members of our ecosystem, but we do have a large ecosystem, it’s huge.

And there it is – in one fell swoop – it was gone.

What have we missed?

Well played, Magento. Well played. And to think we had so many ideas lining up… just take a look at these work-in-progress titles (and some of the tweets we got the ideas from):

“Community takes over Magento from Permira after a series of PRs leads to significant product improvements.”

“Ben Marks spends full week in one place, demands a desk job.”

“Magento pulls a PHP stunt, announces Magento 3.0 as the next release following 2.2.”

“Magento re-routes the recent $250 million investment from Asia to Antarctica, hopes to get every Magento 2 developer supplied with enough ice to cool their machines while deploying static content.”

Many of these might’ve struck a chord at any other time, but to create a believable story around those during Imagine conference – well, we’re better than that 🙂

What now? Is all hope for jokes lost?

As long as we have each other (community), we’ll have a lot to laugh at and make fun of, ourselves included.

But, this time around we’ll simply let everyone enjoy the festivities, get a load of Jamie Clarke’s antics, and take in the whole experience that is Magento Imagine.

Whoever’s been to Vegas knows the feeling, and for those of you who have not attended it yet – well, we have a sweet surprise lined up.

Free ticket for Magento Imagine 2018!

We don’t like those elaborate giveaways that make you jump through hoops, get all kinds of creative (let’s face it, not everyone can pull a Rebecca Troth video) or submit code contributions in order to qualify. This time, it’s pure luck – so, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?”

Click >>>HERE<<< to see how you can get a free ticket for next year’s Magento Imagine!

Good luck and see you around – next April 1st is only a year away!

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