Croatia on my mind

Croatia on my mind

It took me 19 hours to come to Osijek from Kazan, my hometown – 2 trains, one plane, one bus ride, couple of metro stations in Moscow and I was finally here! I arrived one Wednesday and was lucky to catch last days of the Summer on the local Copacabana beach, before I started my work here in Inchoo.

Here comes Picasso!

First time I stepped inside our office, I was impressed by white sofas and apple macbooks. It’s pretty girlish way to think, but it is really trendy in here 🙂

Then it went to the introduction part and I thought I will never be able to memorize Croatian names, by now of course I know everyone and I am even able to understand about 60% of what you guys are talking about (so shh…guys, kgb is still watching you) Just kidding 🙂

Since the very first day, every Inchooer was very friendly and attentive, they took their time to explain me how to navigate around the city and lots of other important stuff I should know to survive here 🙂 Everyday I was happy to come to work and it never became something boring or routinish for me. I learned a lot during my internship at Inchoo, I am even inspired and would like to learn how to code now 🙂 But what is most important for me, I met a lot of interesting, amazing  people, dived into really friendly international environment and fantastic atmosphere. I felt like I am a part of a big Inchoo family here!

I loved to go to Malina bar to drink a coffee and chat about serious things and funny stuff altogether, that was really relaxing and Friday beers with Toni and other guys (he asked me to highlight his name in my post). Kidding again 🙂

One of the most memorable experience was to be invited to bachelors party/team building to the country house located on Danube, even though I was the only girl there 🙂 Also, I enjoyed spending time in Novi Sad on blog open conference, when all of us were wearing lovely aprons and had a cooking wooden spoon in our hands.

Special thanks for giving me a week off, so I had a chance to see how beautiful and different Croatia is. Zagreb, Rijeka, Plitvice lakes, Opatija….I thought I can stay there forever and never leave, so amazing it was! I definitely will be going back to Croatia, I can say I fell in love with this country and its people, so hospitable and positive they are 🙂

And, of course, if any intern is reading this post, I would highly recommend to apply and you know what, I already envy you 🙂

Thank you, my dear Inchoo for beautiful 3 months that I’ve spent here and thank you Osijek and its lovely people, cya soon 🙂

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  1. Reading your post makes me want to be an intern! Sounds like great people and a beautiful country.

  2. It must have been great. I hope I will have the chance to get there too, meet the inchooers in person and discover what Croatian beer is like.

    The best Kamila of luck and success in your career.


  3. I totally agree with you. I had internship in Osijek last summer, and everything was just awesome

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