From Russia with Love a.k.a. 20! (video)

From Russia with Love a.k.a. 20! (video)

It’s been a long time since we filmed something. I want to introduce you to our 20th employee, Kamila Fatkullina. She came all the way from Russia. We borrowed her from the Russian start-up KommandCore. She will be performing sales related tasks at Inchoo.

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PS. Image for this post was updated after great Photoshop work from “Criography” user from one of the comments below. πŸ˜‰

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  1. BTW. Dear community,

    You are terribly predictable bunch of super-geeks. I knew this will be the most commented blog post in months the moment I posted it.

  2. To tell you the truth Tony, I’m kind of in a similar situation now – the difference is that the girls coming are from China(; also talented and well… beautiful of course!;P

    I’m glad we work on the 4th floor though, so basement is not an option(;

  3. Dear criography,

    I couldn’t agree more. The day has finally come that Inchoo employed someone more handsome than me. I admit defeat. I shall hide away from camera forever now and move my desk to the basement where I will work with Magento trolls on development of our next Magento Bridge extension.

  4. It took you a while!

    Guys… if I were you, I’d chain Kamila to something heavy or bribe her to stay forever! Why? I think that the easiest way to explain it would be by a visual comparison: I’d simply say that the company image may gain a lot;P No disrespect yo your err… handsomeness factor of course(;

    I can also see a huge potential for new issues of Inchooers about a group of geeks suddently smelling nice, looking way better than a week before and also dropping work efficiency by 90%;D

    Kamilla – good luck! Honestly;P

  5. Kamilla,

    I can assure you that is a very common name here in Denmark (written Camilla) and in my home country, Portugal, we write Camila (not that common but lovely).


  6. Great! keep growing.. And cool name “Kamila” ..

    Here in our country ‘Nepal’ .. we have a different meaning for the word ‘Kamila’. It’s the name of an insect. What does it mean in Russia?

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