Packing bags for Imagine

Packing bags for Imagine

There are only few hours left to pack the bags, drive to Budapest, than over Amsterdam and Portland arrive to the biggest Magento event of the year – Imagine conference in Las Vegas, USA. The conference was sold out months ago, but fortunately the arrival was planned before.

M Resort Spa Casino
The hotel M Resort Spa Casino looks awesome. It is fancy, big, has a pool and everything you need. Best of all, it is full. Therefore, some nearby hotels will be required to accommodate everyone interested.

The agenda is rich and divided in three tracks:

  • Technology Track – unfortunately, this one is not for me any more. I can’t myself fully follow programming trends, so I would mostly just blink if I attend these sessions. However, it is good to know that Imagine has a lot of good sessions for developers, and not just business people. I expect Inchoo will have more crew next year.
  • Business Track – is oriented for consultants and merchants
  • Partner Powered Track – will be oriented for partners. I’m very looking forward to be at Annual Magento Solution Partner Leadership Summit (I just remembered I need to find my invitation).

Besides of fun simply by going there, there are some goals I set for myself to achieve at Imagine:

  1. For starters, I’m really looking forward meeting some of our US clients face to face. Skype video call was most advanced form of meetings with them so far. It will be great to shake hands.
  2. Check out and get insight of what X.Commerce really is. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but almost a year passed since I heard this term for the first time and I still don’t know what will it be in reality and what opportunities or threats are there for us. I read that we will have a revolution, but even after reading the post, I am not sure where’s the catch. 🙂
  3. Check out where Magento is heading and evaluate how much will it be affected by eBay and the whole X.Commerce thing.
  4. Evaluate Magento’s strategy for partners.
  5. Reconnect with the guys from other Magento partners like WebShopApps, Blue Acorn, Classy Llamas, Gorilla Commerce and others… 🙂

See you in Vegas. You can reach me via Twitter on!/tomislavbilic or SMS me to +385.91.577.1025.


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