Inchooers at Meet Magento Italy – here’s how it went!

Inchooers at Meet Magento Italy – here’s how it went!

Last week, the Inchoo crew went on a trip to Meet Magento Italy conference. The event was held at hotel Michelangelo in Milan from March 3rd till March 4th, 2016. During this well known event, we got the chance to listen to amazing lectures from top Magento speakers and meet new interesting people. We had a lot of fun along the way. But that’s not all…

Nenad, our frontend developer, had an important assignment to do. He was one of the speakers at the conference, covering the topic about Magento 2 frontend features – Changing the way frontend developers think and work. He did a great job and Inchoo is very proud of his performance. 🙂


Another great speech was by Ben Marks who spoke about “Magento in the Age of 2”. He also presented us with a pile of Magento stickers which we brought home to our co-workers.

While partaking at the conference, the female trio could be found at Inchoo info stand providing all the business information to the interested passers.


Throughout the lunch and coffee breaks, a lot of our blog fans stopped by to say “Hi” and take a photo with us. They once again thanked us for our contribution to the community and for helping young developers learn and grow with Magento

As we mentioned to Sherrie, we are glad to be able to contribute to community like that. And, of course, that’s a good way to start a conversation with any of us Inchooers. 😉

As one of the silver sponsors, we even got a green carpet placed below the Inchoo info desk which matched our logo color. That was pretty cool. Also, we were located next to a photo booth, so we dropped by to take a few funny photos.


During the mission to promote Developers Paradise, the conference that Inchoo is organising, one of our goals was to organise a giveaway. The lucky winner is Andrea Sacca who got the chance to attend the conference in Opatija.

Apart from the official side of the conference, we also enjoyed sightseeing and walking down the beautiful streets of Milan. Of course, we couldn’t resist trying some of their well-known local pizzas and pastas.


Webformat company, the organisers, did an amazing job putting everything together. The food and drinks were delicious and everything was in place. We really enjoyed our time fully and we are looking forward to #mm17it. 🙂

UPDATE: If you’re wondering how our Nenad did and how his lecture went, you can check it out in an official YouTube video below:



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