We moved to a new office. Finally!

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If you are following us on social media channels, you already noticed that we moved to a new office. Every one we had before was a place we enjoyed working in. This time around it was different. We have a place that inspires us.

Not because it’s newer, shinier or bigger than every other we’ve been in. It’s because we’ve been working on this one for the last 7 months, like a team, approaching it as we would to any other project. Every person could, and was invited to, comment on the ideas we shared among ourselves. That’s what makes this office so great. Every detail is a team effort. Every room has its story. Every person roaming this space can say: Yes, this feels right. Like a place we enjoy working in.


What makes this office so special?

I would say there are 3 elements we have to single out.

First, it’s the story of the building we chose. At one point, I thought it was going to be impossible to find what we’re looking for. Eventually, we went for “Super”. This building was the first supermarket in the region. It was all about commerce in the 1960s and we brought it another dimension now – being an eCommerce agency.


Second, the space itself is tailored to our needs. We have a lot of light, space for growth and we created it in a manner which invites people to hang out, share ideas and work together. We lacked meeting rooms in the previous office so it had to be fixed in this one. We needed help from interior designer and that’s where Jelena Havelka stepped in. She did an amazing job.


The third thing that makes this office so special are the details.Since we will spend a lot of time here, we wanted everyone to feel like home. Everything there is to see screams Inchoo in one way or another. We’re loving the mural with our very own dinosaurs, our comic characters on the walls, and this big baby we call “the enchantment”. Girls have their own che che room, although the boys use it also.


Big Thanks

Big thanks go to all of our partners that worked with us for seven months on planning and construction.

Check out the video!

I hope you like our new home. You can see more images in our Facebook Photo Gallery or on Our Instagram account. You are invited for a visit.

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