What’s up with web developers and coffee?

What’s up with web developers and coffee?

If you are a web developer or have had an honor to work with one of these creatures, you probably noticed their strange addiction to coffee. Developers surrounding me start their day by drinking the morning coffee before the working hours start, then, at the beginning of their working day they make one in the office. They drink numerous cups of coffee during the working day, and when they go out for a break they order… guess what… coffee.

Web Developer Drinking Coffee

Where does this urge for coffee originate from? What lies behind the infinite lines of Magento code that makes our developers overdose themselves with this dark liquid?

The need for coffee probably predates their employment in this company. It probably originates from the time they use to be freelancers, often having to pull-the-all-nighters. In such a environment, coffee is not an option, it’s a requirement, a tool that makes the job possible. Over time, developers probably developed some sort of addiction to coffee.

I once saw a great line, so I’ll quote it:

A web developer is an organism that turns coffee into lines of code.

Why do you drink so much coffee? What kind of coffee do you prefer?

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  1. We have a developer here who does not drink coffee but he drinks a couple of cokes (I hope that not avec) before breakfast and he is speedy gonzalez writting code.

  2. great line that one you quoted! I had to tweet it, lol.
    my favorite coffee is Ka’u Coffee from Big Island Hawaii =)

  3. I drink masses of coffee because after spending all day work, I go home and spend all night working + learning new stuff. So basically, and sadly, for me coffee = sleep.

  4. Haha, there is a constant battle in office for coffee! 😀
    Why do I drink cofee? Well it’s instant thinking energy, I can think and type faster! lol
    I prefer strong Ethiopian Mullege Yirgacheffe, and cappucino of all sorts. Cheers!

  5. I drink espresso and mochas. I have a cappucino machine in my office so I can get a quick jolt. If it’s not coffee it’s Dr. Pepper ice cold.

  6. In Spain we drink only the best freshly ground, just roasted coffee beans. This “greatest organisc suspension ever devised by man” is expertly prepared every day, in every street corner cafe. In a delicios infusion of tradition and technology the full flavour of the beans is brought out in every espresso brew.

  7. I’m not abusing the photo, it’s a noble cause I’m using it for 😀 A scientific research on connections between web developers and coffee. The picture might help humans understand some scientific phenomenons, you should be proud!

    Oh yea, Željko started with a normal cup, just like everyone else. After a few months, he learned it wasn’t big enough so he started using one double the size.

  8. There is a good part of that addiction. If somebody do a study and explain that coffee is a tool that we will be able to buy coffee and get tax refunds for it.
    Just go ahead. Make me proud. 🙂

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