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Some things are just better together — like Inchoo and Magento. If you want to learn how this powerful duo can grow your eCommerce business and your bank account, keep reading.

To run a successful online store, you need a simple yet effective way to sell your products. Magento is one of the most well-known eCommerce platforms, but it also has a wide range of competitors to contend with.

If you’ve started looking into Magento —or are already using it— you definitely can’t tell Magento is simple. It’s a no-brainer that such a robust platform can handle your complex business needs, but you will need a good partner who will —at least— make things look simpler to you. That’s why we decided to make it easier for everyone included — you, your customers, and us!

To introduce ourselves briefly, we’re a full-service eCommerce agency, and as an Adobe Solutions Silver Partner, we have our focus all set on Magento. It’s been that way since Magento first saw the light of day in 2008, and now we’re claiming to have our own Magento flavor. What’s that all about? To be fair, Magento and flavors aren’t typically spoken about together, but here you’ll find just that.

What Inchoo Flavored Magento is not

We’re really excited to finally share everything about our flavor with you, but before we get more into the topic, let us clarify what Inchoo Flavored Magento is not:

  • Something to eat (it can help your food eCommerce site boost sales, though),
  • A new platform we’ve made from scratch (we love Magento too much to become its competition),
  • A plug’n’play solution you can buy at Magento Marketplace on its own and let it do its magic.

So, what is Inchoo Flavored Magento?

To us, Inchoo Flavored Magento goes way above that. In each project, we put in hard work, gained practical knowledge, and mastered our skills in handling Magento 2. All of that resulted in a unique flavor of Magento, which makes us proud today, and we’re eager to bring it to the upcoming projects.  

Simply put, Inchoo Flavored Magento is a Magento 2 starting point we use in all of our development projects, giving both the clients and us a great head-start. Inchoo Flavored Magento includes the most required modules to run an eCommerce site smoothly and excludes unnecessary modules to ensure frictionless performance without losing any crucial functionalities.


All features included in our starting point are internally developed solutions Magento 2 either doesn’t have by default —or could be doing much better. Over the years of working on more than 500 Magento projects, we have carefully listened to our clients’ needs and noticed a pattern in requiring certain features.

Little by little, every time, we added something new to our flavor. Now we have a base recipe for new projects, all in favor of serving you a flavorful Magento 2 site that will make your customers want to go back for seconds.

Core Ingredients

Just like when making any other recipe, you must use some key ingredients. But it can only become a delicious dish if you’ve prepared them using the right kitchen tools and methods to mix them all up.

The same is with Inchoo Flavored Magento. The final flavor is unique, but to do so, we first had to develop some core ingredients with a customer-centric mindset, which will improve the client’s site’s overall performance and help achieve measurable growth in numbers. They were all well-thought-through by our Magento Certified Experts from different areas —from development and design to digital marketing.

The core ingredients you can find in Inchoo Flavored Magento are our in-house developed modules, features, and processes that come in six different module groups, each focusing on dealing with common Magento issues regarding:

  • User Experience
  • Performance
  • Digital Marketing
  • DevOps
  • Specific industry problems
  • and Additional Features we think are a must for eCommerce sites nowadays!

We’re talking about modules that solve search issues, return management systems, technical SEO issues, deployment processes, and more. We’ll get more about that topic in our next blogpost and keep you posted! Until then, you can find more about the modules included in Inchoo Flavored Magento here.

Why choose Inchoo Flavored Magento?

Magento 2 is a solid platform to work from the ground up —trust us— we would know. However, for a more advanced head-start than the default Magento 2 setup, you may want to consider Inchoo Flavored Magento.

There are three main benefits to choosing Inchoo Flavored Magento:

Inchoo Flavored Magento Benefits

1. Zero-cost for most-required features

If you have looked for third-party extensions on Magento Marketplace before, you know those things can get costly. Now, we’re not saying you won’t need to purchase any ever, but you can rest assured that you won’t need to buy the ones you will need the most as they are all included in our starting point, including our base frontend theme.

2. Customization options

Each feature can be tailored to your business needs in both aesthetics and functionality. If you don’t need some of our included features and have your own wishes, this won’t be a problem. We will custom-develop new ones from scratch just for you.

3. Faster time to market

Having a starting point we use with each project, Inchoo Flavored Magento allows us to shrink our project timeline and be more efficient — cost and time-wise. For you, this means fewer hours to pay for the development and an opportunity to allocate resources to other activities that will drive traffic to your site. Perhaps some ongoing Magento Digital Marketing activities to think about?  

Best for

Merchants in any industry! Whether you’re just starting your online business, migrating from Magento 1, or any other eCommerce platform, Inchoo Flavored Magento might be the one for you. Even if you need project rescue, our starting point can compensate for the time you lost with the wrong agency.

Some of our clients have already had the opportunity to taste Inchoo Flavored Magento. Check out our portfolio page to learn more about their success stories.

Who wants us to cook?

Just say it, we’re all set and prepared. Leave us a comment below if you have any questions, and feel free to contact us so we can talk more about your project!

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