Override Magento 2 Layout: Product page example

Override Magento 2 Layout: Product page example

Layouts play a major roll in Magento. This roll is well known from Magento 1x layout approach. With Magento 2 couple of things are changed and improved. Really, we finally have on our disposal useful layout manipulation options.

Layout basics

If you are here just for example and you already familiar with Magento 2 Layout, skip it this section.

Layout is a page structure, represented by elements hierarchy, which can be: blocks and containers.
Technically, layout is defined in the .xml files. Files which contain element declarations and different manipulation instructions.

Module and theme layout files

Magento 2 layouts are provided by different application components. We can split them in two major groups Base layout and Theme layout. Let us mention main difference between them.

Base layouts

This Layout files are provided by modules. We can find page configuration and generic layout files on this path:

And page layout files on path:

The main file of Base layout, if you wish to check it, is located on path:

Theme layouts

Theme layouts are logical files provided by Magento themes. Here we can find page configuration and generic layout files. Check them on path:

Also, the page layout files are on path:

Override a layout

Above mentioned basic are necessary in order to understand how to properly override Magento 2 layout. The layout needs to be properly overridden when we perform some kind of customization, for example when we:

  • Modify method arguments
  • Remove blocks and/or containers
  • Set up XML attributes of blocks and containers
  • Remove block arguments
  • Modify and suppressing handles inclusion
  • Remove all handle instructions by declaring an overriding layout file with an empty handle

Override base layouts

To override base layout file (layout provided by the module) we need to put a layout file with the same name in the following location:

These file override the following layout:

Override theme layouts

To overriding theme layout (override a parent theme layout) put a layout file with the same name in the following location:

These files override the following layouts:
To override page layout files, use ‘page_layout’ directory name instead of ‘layout’.

Product page override

Now when we are familiar with layout overriding rules, let’s make a real life example. Let’s override product page layout.

Overriding product page for specific products

For example, our client has two or more types of products and on top of that, client also has one special product which is totally different. So client also wishes to present that product in different product page. Basically, we need at least three different product page layouts.

Luckily Magento 2 provides this kind of flexibility by using native addPageLayoutHandles method. Mentioned method provides possibilities of overriding layout using:

  • Product ID
  • Product SKU
  • Product TYPE

On top of that, method will also support your custom product type. For instance if we create a product type with the name “inchoo”, you can then create a file called catalog_product_view_type_inchoo.xml to handle specific layouts for this type of products.

So, let start first with overriding layout for just one specific product.

In order to do that we need to follow this steps:

  1. Create new layout file inside our theme scope, the name of layout file will be: catalog_product_view_id_number and we’ll place it in:

    Similar like this:

  2. Override what we need inside of layout file (remove blocks, add new blocks etc.).
  3. Clear Magento’s cache and reload page.

We are preferring to use product ID. But if product ID isn’t good option for you, you can use SKU number for targeting product, in that case your layout file need have name in this form:

Now let’s create unique product page for specific product type. As you probably know Magento by default has few different product types (bundle, configurable, downloadable etc.). So for example, if we wish to have different layout for downloadable products, we need to use corresponding product type name to target that layout.

In order to override downloadable products, follow this steps:

  1. Create new layout catalog_product_view_type_downloadable.xml file inside Magento theme.


  2. Override what we need inside of layout file (remove blocks, add new blocks etc.).
  3. Clear Magento’s cache and reload page.

Same naming principle can be followed for other type of products, like this:


Important note: Current Magento 2 version has bug with configurable product type. Unfortunately it isn’t possible to override configurable products just by creating new catalog_product_view_type_configurable.xml layout file. We hope that the next version of Magento will solve this bug. Stay tuned here.

The example is short but I hope that this article can help you with overriding layouts.

If you have issues on your web store and you need frontend assistance, contanct us for UX & usability audit.


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  1. Is there a way to apply style for particular catalog-category-view, same as catalog-product-id-number… like that

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    Can you please provide the working example on how to override the layouts?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi!

    I have tried to apply new layout using catalog_product_view_id_111.xml method and I can apply it without any issue for one product. Now I want to apply new layout for another product as well. So I have just created new xml file like catalog_product_view_id_222.xml but it’s not working.

    Can you please help me on this?

  4. How do I override the whole layout template for a different product? if I wanna be able to assign design layout within the admin to any product.

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    authorization.phtml file can u help me?

  6. Is this possible for custom attribute? I need different layout for different attribute. Is this possible ?

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