Create unique coupon code in Magento

Create unique coupon code in Magento

Toni from ICG wrote a post how to create simple A/B split testing for offline promotions for online store. Now we will show you how to manage coupon codes trough Magento and prepare for your next “offline” campaign.

Under Magento administration, first go to System -> Configuration -> Customer -> Promotions and create initial settings which will be used later for generating coupon codes, this can be changed later on creating new Shopping Cart Price Rules. Consider this as a starting template.

Basic Settings

Now we will create new Shopping Cart Price Rules using Toni’s idea.

Lets say you’re giving a 10% discount to customers that buy your products in December using a code for example “December10?. Lets include different promo codes in catalog version A and version B. So the A would have a promo code “December10a” and B would have “December10b”.

To build on his idea, lets say we wanna track every catalog individually, how would we do that?

Go to Promotions -> Shopping Cart Price Rules -> Add New Rule.

Now we will use Specific Coupon -> Use Auto Generation.

Hit Save and Continue Edit, now under Conditions we will leaved blank to apply on all products, now under Actions, we will give 10% of product price discount.

Now we need to generate Coupon Codes. Go to Manage Coupon Codes. There is few basic settings, Coupon quantity, code format etc. After we have made desired adjustments, hit Generate button.

Now we have list of 20 unique coupon codes, which we can export to CSV or Excel XML format. Each coupon code we can use on Catalog version A and Catalog version B.

Ok, we will use one coupon code to create test order and see how it will apply on shopping cart.

Now we will create report regarding to this promotion. Reports -> Sales -> Coupons -> and now we can create custom report regarding to coupon usage.

There are numerous way to engage potential customers using custom generated codes. For example you are going to business meeting and you  simply print 20 flyers with unique coupon codes and spread out as a gift after successful  meeting :-).

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  1. As personalization becomes more integral to marketing to customers, your businesses are looking at ways to apply this approach to coupons and other discounts the excitement of redeeming a coupon

  2. Nice tutorial. I want to import my unique coupon codes into magento, how do I achieve that?

  3. Hi, thanks for the article. But I am not able to understand on how different types of coupon codes can be created.
    When we say, unique coupon codes, are we referring to the different discount %s, etc.?

  4. it’s k and nice too…but i need automatically applied coupon and it display in checkout step when my rule is correct….we don’t want to copy and paste the code….

  5. 10 down vote favorite

    Let’s say I have 10% off coupon code.
    This coupon is applicable only to Product B

    A customer have in its cart :

    Product P1
    Product B
    Product P2

    I don’t want my 10% off coupon apply to other product but only to Product B.

    Do you know how I can do that within Magento?

  6. do anyone have idea to generate random otp while checkout and send sms form magento after that verify it.
    i got one module to send sms form magento called Spring Edge SMS Module but how to send it while checkout and verify.

  7. Hi, your tutorial was very helpful to generate the multiple coupon codes for multiple customers….I need help in generating single and dtandard coupon code for multiple customers. For eg REG100 is a coupon code and anybody who register with us for the first time can avail Rs 100/- on a minimum purchase of Rs 100/-
    Kindly expain how to do that.

  8. I have a problem when using coupon codes on Magento.

    We have an automated rule that will apply a 5% discount on certain products and a coupon code that should apply a 5% discount on the cart subtotal. Both rules are set to stop further rules processing son that they don’t mix one with the other and we end up giving a 10% discount.

    The issue with the Coupon Code is that it is only being applied to the first product displayed in the shopping cart. For example:

    Shopping Cart:

    Item 1 – $10
    Item 2 – $20

    Subtotal: $30
    Discount: $0.5

    If I add the Item 2 first, the final discount will be $1.

    If I set the coupon code to doesn’t stop further rules processing, it then applies the discount to the subtotal but when the automated rule is also met, both discounts get applied.

    Any ideas on what might be wrong?

  9. Hi Stanislav,

    This is an interesting article. The only thing I couldn’t follow was the “Lets include different promo codes in catalog version A and version B” requirement. I couldn’t see that this was actually carried through to the codes that were set up or the reporting?


  10. This was really good, I spend 5 days wondering why my coupon code was not working. It was because I missed the configuration step. Now’s it’s working!!!! awesome

  11. Stanislav, Excellent Article!
    I was wondering, what if you wanted to take it a step further and be able to email those different codes to peoples Newsletters or other forms of emails? Sending a unique coupon code for each email?

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