Designer’s Guide to Magento PDF download

Designer’s Guide to Magento PDF download

After many developed CRE Loaded’s online stores and watching Magento development progress for quite some time, I decided it was time to use Magento with my next client. My starting point for development was official Designer’s guide. I’m the type of guy who likes to have documents nice&clean, so I tried to print it but print was a mess. That’s when I decided to create PDF of the official documentation for easy print. This is probably the best starting tutorial for creating a fresh new Magento template.

Download Designer’s Guide to Magento PDF

I plan to write a short related tutorials in the days of 1st Magento development project, so I invite you to subscribe to RSS if you wish to be posted.

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  1. You should add a donate button to your site – this information was truly on point much appreciated… Exactly what I was looking for.

  2. I need a person that can help me with my website, i can pay some $$ i know nothing is free, but i can pay toooo much cause i just started.

  3. Hey Christian,

    Thanks very much for the kind words. However, I’m not the author of this video. I just embed it from Magento site. Anyway, I’m glad it helped you with your starting steps.

  4. Thanks for the video – with such limited resources on Magento it is great to have the community develop this kind of material!

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