How to set FedEx shipping in Magento

This is guide about setting FedEx shipping method in Magento.

Step 1. Go to: Fedex Developer Resource Center and create developer’s account.

Step 2. When you create developer’s account go to Developer Resource Center and click on top navigation FedeEx Web Services -> FedeEx Web Services for Shipping.
Now, you will see the link Develop & Test Your Application (about testing, obtain developer test key) click on it. Then you only have to send request for test environment, you can see the link “Obtain Developer Test Key” click on it and fill the form. After sending form with data, you will receive email message from FedEx with all required data for testing FedEx shipping method.

In this email message you will get: Test Account Number:xxxxxxxxx (for FedEx Web Services for Shipping only) and you have to insert this number in field Account ID in FedEx config section, take a look at below image.

Step 3. When you’re almost ready to launch:

After you’ve successfully tested your application and are ready to go into production, go to the FedEx Developer Resource Center to obtain your Production key.

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  1. Hello,
    How can i get Shipping Price based on weight for multiple services at the page of checkout of my website when customer go to purchase the products. I am using Magento, and my requirements are
    How can i solve the configuration Process.

    Thank You.

  2. hi i have integrate fedex shipping in magento ver , But when i ship the order from admin panel “create shipping label” check box not showing me.

  3. When I enter the fedex test account details in magento backend,it shows an error message in checkout page when selecting national shipment(India)and its workinf fine for international shipment USA etc
    .When I check the error log for fedex it shows the error
    [Message] => The PurposeOfShipmentType is null, empty or invalid.
    [LocalizedMessage] => The PurposeOfShipmentType is null, empty or invalid.”.
    kindly help to fix this issue.
    Where i had to give
    “PurposeOfShipmentType” in which file?

  4. I am using magento version when i see error log i am getting this error,if magento provide fedex module by default then i think solutions is also present but still not found solutions,i properly enter the details of fedex like account id,meter number,key and password
    [result] => stdClass Object
    [HighestSeverity] => ERROR
    [Notifications] => stdClass Object
    [Severity] => ERROR
    [Source] => prof
    [Code] => 1000
    [Message] => Authentication Failed

    [Version] => stdClass Object
    [ServiceId] => crs
    [Major] => 10
    [Intermediate] => 0
    [Minor] => 0


    [__pid] => 1308

  5. hi, i have been able to use fedex in india, however there is a need to apend the Carrier.php file in mangento 2.0
    1. magento Root directory/vendor/magento/module-fedex/Model
    2. apend Carrier.php file at line no 410.
    and do the following

    a. search for ‘CustomsClearanceDetail’ => [
    b. add the following in below the lines
    ‘CommercialInvoice’ => array (
    ‘Purpose’ => “SOLD”

    this worked out for me at


    1. Hi,

      But if I add this code, then while adding products in shipment it shows ‘Customs Clearance Detail is required’ error, what should be done to this? Please reply asap.

      Thank you

  6. In which form FedEx and other shipping methods return Shipping label? In html form, Image, some string or pdf?
    I got the response for shipping label request in HTML from my custom shipping carrier. What should I do to proceed.

  7. I want to integrate FedEx shipping method in magento website for Domestic India. So please let me know what steps i will have to follow.

    1. Hi Darsan ,

      Have you received any information about plug in , we are also facing same issue for our India website let me know you if you have any solution .

      Raja Sharma

    2. Hi did you get any extension from magento . Please also help me . I am facing same issue with india . Please assist me if you can .

  8. Our extension supports all countries and all versions of Magento.

    Print shipping labels
    Print an official label, with bar-code, generated by webservice.. 3 simple steps. See attached screenshots

    Package tracking
    Track shipments on demand reference number or by event based tracking.

    Schedule Pickups
    ** New – When printing shipping labels you can specify your shipping origin and schedule for FedEx pickups.

    Thermal Printers
    ** New – choose Stock Type / Label size when generating label

    Address Verification
    Perform detailed address validation by utilizing FedEx webservice

    Return Labels

    Commercial Invoices for Customs

    Upgraded to use latest FedEx webservices API, and offer custom add-ons to meet your exact business requirements.

  9. I can able to retrieve FedEx Shipping Method only when user logged in, For new User i can not able to get Shipping Method.

  10. FED EX rates are using the Discount rates provided by Fed instead of the Published rates show on the FED EX web site. Once we have integrated withour Magento Web site I do not see and selection that asks if we want to use Discount rates or published rates?
    Is by design, if so then i would have to request a standard type of account from FED EX so that it would use the published rates? Unless you have some other type of solution?

  11. i am integrating fedex .i have set all the setting but it will showing me error like this “This shipping method is currently unavailable. If you would like to ship using this shipping method, please contact us.”
    Please help me where i am going wrong

  12. Hi
    Please would like to know how could i set up Fedex in magento 1.9.2
    I have al ready an account with Fedex , have all about my account but i do not know how to.
    Even my collegue who is a web develo^pper said to me , he do not know where to put the code in magento.
    So thanks in advance of your help


  13. Hi, I am new to Magento. I followed the above steps, created account on Fedex developer section and added appropriate details in my Magento admin panel. After that what i need to do? Is it required further any third party extension to work. How to generate the quotes? And where i can the status of the shipping? Please tell the whole integration process.

  14. I have integrated Fedex Shipping using the information given above but still i am getting the error like
    “Federal Express:
    This shipping method is currently unavailable. If you would like to ship using this shipping method, please contact us. “. Please, if any one can help me out in this issue.

    Thanks in Advance 🙂 😛

    1. Hi Ravi, Are you able to integrate Fedex in your Magento site? Please reply me the steps and whole process. Thank you in advance.

  15. I am using FEDEX for my country INDIA but when I add all credentials and test the order it is showing Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time.

    What is the issue behind this?

    1. Hi Dwaipayan ,
      Let me know you issue is resolved or not ,we are facing same issue ,please share the detail if you successfully done it .

      Raja Sharma

  16. When your fedex is not visible on magento frontend. Please check your account details on admin side.

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