Report from Magento Developers Paradise @ Ibiza

As is mentioned earlier at one of the posts, Tomas, Ivica and me were “the chosen ones” to go to Magento developers paradise conference at Ibiza. So how was it? In one word – incredible. It was paradise in its true meaning.

Some of the members traveled by plane for the very first time so it was interesting to watch their facial expressions during the takeoff. We met lots of great people, including Tsvetan Stoyhev, Thomas Slade from Blue Acorn, Myuselim Myuselimov, Josh from WebShopApps, guys from Magento core team and many others.

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Breaking News! eBay Acquires Magento!

I guess that the word is already spread. eBay Acquires Magento and Launches Open-Commerce Brand, X.Commerce. Since eBay and Magento have partnership for quite some time, I believe that this acquisition is not a huge surprise. Roy is happy. Yoav is happy. This seems to be a great thing for Magento Inc. I’ll ask a selfish question: “What does it mean to the companies like ours and what the hell is X.Commerce?”

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Magento Go Platform, sneak peak

Seems like folks in Magento are rolling fast with their Magento Go Platform. Few minutes ago I stumbled upon a url which seems to host a development version of Go Platform’s developers site.

Although still limited with content, several interesting and bottom line things are already there.

Seems like Go Platform will use REST API approach to integrate an OpenSocial gadget in your Magento store. Given that we are talking about the Google’s Open Social, I’m very pleased to see them move in this direction. Meaning most of your development will come down to JavaScript, XML, XHTML, and a few calls to REST API’s.

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Magento Trademark and Licencing FaQ

© by svilen001/sxc

During my time of active involvement with Magento and its community, I’ve seen numerous questions regarding the Magento Trademark, licencing and similar. I decided to sum up some of the questions that I can answer. Should you have any additional questions regarding these matters, I think the best shot of getting it answered quickly is to contact Rhonda Rondeau – Magento’s community manager – who is really responsive to our (community’s) questions.

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The relationship with Teraflex started 3 years ago by designing and developing their first online shop on Magento coupled with WordPress. It was a success for both since their “online business steadily increased” over the years and the community got a place to participate with their feedback and content.

That was in 2008 and we just started with Magento who just turned to version 1.0, adapting to the platform, gathering experience and consuming large amounts of coffee. Before than, they had a simple static website.

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What’s new in Magento 1.4.2

© by michaelaw/sxc

This is a minor release but with a sizable bug fix, changes and improvement list. A few important changes that appeal to the store owners have been made. And some didn’t make it into this release.

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Order statuses “improvement” in 1.5

© by rodolfoclix/sxc

I took some time to install and do the quick check on Magento There was one thing that is impossible to miss: Improved order statuses.
I remember the days when people requested that feature all over ther forum. Oh yes… what feature? Custom order statuses 🙂
So, we have it out of the box finally! Or do we? Let’s see…

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Goodbye Mallorca, time to get back to work

Well, all good things come to an end. We had some great time here on Mallorca, attending Magento Developers Paradise conference. It was really nice meeting all those people and hearing their Magento stories.

Most of the presentations were pretty interesting. I cannot speak for mine 🙂 -While at it, here is a link to my Clone Yourself presentation if some of you find it interesting.

Seems like interesting things are coming in Magento 2.0, so fasten your seat belts :).

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Magento Developers Paradise featuring Inchoo

Hi everyone, Magento Developers Paradise is getting closer, so we pulled up this post to a frontpage again. Branko Ajzele, our project manager and senior developer is scheduled to speak at the conference in Mallorca (October 10-12). Clone Yourself: How to Effectively Share Magento Knowledge with New Developers will be the title of the session where he will share the tips and tricks on the best ways of training new developers and preparing them for the adventure that is Magento.

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