Building Magento marketplace for

Building Magento marketplace for

Aescripts is an online store and tutorial website featuring a marketplace for 2D and 3D artists selling digital goods such as Adobe After Effects scripts and plugins,  Maxon Cinema 4D pluginsPhotoshop plugins, Premiere plugins and other.

While it was a joy to develop Magento website featuring almost standard e-commerce feature list with items like:

  • custom wireframe and design,
  • MailChimp integration,
  • ajaxified add to cart,
  • video gallery (extension),
  • simplification of product creation process (necessary attributes reduced by ~50%),
  • order import from previous custom e-commerce solution with user account matching on registration,
  • Who bought this, also bought” feature

we were even more excited to work on the advanced custom features tailored to the  needs of digital goods marketplace.

Downloadable product improvements

Our Casablanca team (but located in Osijek ;-)), consisting of Ivan Weiler, Hrvoje  Jurisic and Domagoj Potkoc had to do some improvements to Magento’s downloadable product type first, enabling version update downloads and update notifications. Customers could also have a discount for all future versions thanks to a version upgrade auto-pricing system. Product registration is done through the custom application’s API for license key number generator we integrated with.

Author/Seller dashboard

What’s Magento marketplace without a seller’s dashboard?! Every author (seller) has an access to individual dashboard (custom designed Magento admin interface with a limited features), integrated into a marketplace’s overall business flow with processes like product creation and product approval.

Affiliate module

Each author/seller has an access to affiliate module (developed as custom extension) where they can create affiliate links. A notable feature of this affiliate extension is that an affiliate is rewarded only for the performance of products from author/seller they got link from.


Name-your-own-price is a name for a per-product feature which enables a customers to pay as much as they think the product is worth to them. Works much better than donation system. From the author’s/seller’s perspective, of course. 😉

Name Your Own Price

Magento – Vanilla (forum) integration

Magento – Vanilla (forum) integration features single sign-on, and product comments presented as forum posts as well.

Vanilla integration

An interview with founder Lloyd Alvarez

We have prepared a video interview with the owner Lloyd Alvarez, who even flew from New York to Osijek few days before launch to give this interview on his experience with Inchoo and, of course, enjoy local cuisine. Check the video below:

P.S.  It’s nice to see that user’s first reactions to revamp are positive as well 😉

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  1. Dear Aron Stanic,
    I have some trouble with Vanilla-Magento integration. Would you be able to assist me with this?Please send me an email aswell regarding to the Vanilla & Magento integration!Thank you very much!

  2. Is there a marketplace extension being put to use in this project or is it custom built?

    Any insights would be helpful!

  3. Dear Aron Stanic,

    Please send me an email aswell regarding to the Vanilla & Magento integration. I’m also very interesed in this 🙂

    1. @Will – thanks for your comment – I just sent you an email on this.

      For other readers as well – this was a custom Vanilla-Magento integration done from scratch, so no 3rd party extensions were used in the process.

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