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Design thinking principles and custom technical solutions are behind this Magento 2 upgrade and redesign.

Inchoo Europa 92 portfolio case study Inchoo Europa 92 portfolio case study Inchoo Europa 92 portfolio case study
Release date: January 24, 2019 | Market: Croatia | Industry: Fashion
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Europa 92 is a leading multi-brand jeans retailer, offering high-quality brands in more than 40 brick and mortar stores in Croatia and Slovenia. Among shoppers, they are known for their superb in-store experience. When you walk into Europa 92 physical store, their jeans experts are there to provide you with a unique shopping experience by easing the choice and overall purchase process. With their excellent customer service in mind, we helped them improve their omnichannel experience while redesigning and migrating their existing online store to Magento 2.


New design
Old design

These jeans experts have big plans for the future and they decided that it was the time to upgrade to Magento 2. To prepare all aspects of the site for growth, from the start we aimed to create a technical and creative solution that enables upscaling at any time.

To fully understand customer behavior on the existing store, we needed to dig deep into crunching numbers and data from Hotjar, Google Analytics, and qualitative research of customers’ reviews and comments on client’s social channels. All that data helped us create 3 user personas along with their User Flows and Customer Journeys on the page. It was the foundation on which we started making customer-focused decisions, and the vision for the new UX started shaping up during the wireframing and design process.

All the data from customers and previous orders needed to be migrated to Magento 2, alongside existing functionalities that we wanted to keep in the upgraded version of the store.

The crucial challenge we had to conquer was the integration and product synchronization with client’s bespoke ERP system. It needed to be enabled for two different sources that need to run simultaneously – existing CSV, and Excel tables that are generated by the client. In the end, the status update of the product is created through API.


The whole UX and UI reached new dimensions after the redesign.

Europa 92’s website users primarily come from mobile devices. Our research showed that the existing version of the store had a lot of issues that were doing great damage to mobile users. Dropdown menus were on top of each other and users couldn’t scroll through them or click on them. That’s why the mobile-first approach was mandatory. Building a site that will not degrade content for mobile users turned out to be a conversion booster from the start!

Customers can search their jeans fit online, the previously non-clickable slider that took over the whole viewport is now clickable and more interactive, also the brand pages have customized video widget that turned out to be a great addition.

Take a few moments to see how the full design process went from beginning to the end. Our designer Katarina Dijakovic, who worked on the project, showcased it in this beautiful Behance work. UX analysis, sketches & wireframes, redesign, and optimization – it’s all there!

Wireframing Europa 92

Some of the custom features developed for this project were that related products can be created through just a specific part of SKU, product availability can be searched through every brick and mortar store, and the overall store locator is improved and can be customized from the admin.

We also modified the Improved Layered Navigation Extension from Amasty. The modification is most visible on the individual brand pages, which are now in a form of separate CMS pages. That makes the life of merchant’s administrators much easier, as they can edit and customize the whole content themselves.

Shopping Cart Price Rules are tailor-made as well, as the merchant has the need to set certain forms of discounts that are not supported in the native Magento 2. Such as 5% on the first product in the cart, 10% on the second one, and 15% on the third one.

In order to allow the customers to check out using advanced, flexible, and completely secure payment methods, we have integrated CorvusPay. This was the first integration of this type with Magento 2 in Croatia. Now, the checkout experience for Europa 92’s customers is as slick and easy as in their physical stores!


Although not a lot of time has passed since the launch of the new store, we can already see promising results. These are the numbers in comparison with the same time last year.

Redesign and Magento 2 migration for multibrand retail chain Europa 92

With forthcoming plans for improvements, and some that we already started working on, we can say with certainty that these results will just get higher in the future!
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