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Enabling growth by taking technical challenges out of the equation. See how we helped this client through business consolidation and next stage of growth.

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Release date: March 10, 2018 | Market: Israel | Industry: Jewelry, Home Decor, Art
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Judaica WebStore is an online marketplace for top-quality Israeli products, created by Israeli artists and companies, based in Tel-Aviv. They offer gifts, ranging from Jewish jewelry, Dead Sea skincare products, Israeli souvenirs to Judaica and Jewish art. Being the top online Judaica and Israeli art retailer in the world, they offer an unparalleled selection of incredible Israeli artwork.


The client had worked with three different companies on their Magento website and had a negative experience with each. They needed to find a new vendor to handle the website development, maintenance, and support needs. The current solution was unstable and prone to performance issues, including one of the merchant’s worst nightmares – site crashing for no apparent reason.

The best way to start the relationship and make solid plans for improvements was to perform a technical audit. As soon as we dug deeper we found several issues that needed sorting out.

The store’s stability, and overall performance, were compromised on many levels. One of the main culprits behind random crashes was one of the heavier extensions that wasn’t technically compatible with the store’s requirements. So our first order of business was to stabilize the platform, which we completed quickly.

This approach and results achieved gave our client the confidence in our expertise, and we’ve started providing a variety of other services.

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Staying up to date

The client saw an opportunity to take things to the next level and we initially started an upgrade from their 2.1.7. Magento Commerce version to a 2.2.2. version to begin with (at the time, that was the latest and much more stable version). That way, some of the issues that appeared regularly with 2.1.x releases would be completely avoided and we will not need to fix a number of core bugs. And with this process, we were hoping to create a lighter solution, such that would be easier to upgrade to future releases, and that wouldn’t cost our client an arm and a leg to get the upgrade done.

However, plans are one thing, and the reality, well, sometimes hits you hard. The previous development agency used a lot of unnecessary custom logic and extensions, and also, did a great amount of Magento core modifications. Literally, it was difficult to see default Magento functionalities in the Admin from all the extensions that were installed. But, with our experience and dedication, we powered through and created a solid basis for further business growth.

UX improvements

After we solidified the system, we did a number of incremental changes to website interface, design elements, and user flow. We also added several new features to better support the client’s SEO efforts. We introduced a number of advanced navigation and filtering options, using some of Amasty’s extensions as the base we worked off of, to allow for better customer experience. Several new payment methods were also introduced to further ease the purchase decision for international customers.

Klevu’s got your search

One of the challenges each serious eCommerce website has is the catalog search. And while Magento Commerce has that covered to an extent with Elastic, this client benefited from Klevu search engine – the solution gets the customers much more relevant and accurate results than what they used to have.

Klevu uses machine learning algorithms to continuously improve the results based on what the customers are actually looking for on a particular website. And coming from the position of a development partner, their team is highly knowledgeable and experienced with eCommerce projects. So, this is one cooperation that truly adds value to our mutual client.

Klevu search engine on Judaica web store

Enabling growth

After the upgrade, code cleaning, and some of the UX improvements, an interesting turn of events happened. Our client had acquired one of their competitors. That website was running on a custom eCommerce solution that we then helped our client migrate to Magento.

And that wasn’t an easy task because the other website had 17 localisations, and they all required the migration of both products and customers. Now, the client has consolidated all of their online efforts, through various businesses and multiple websites, with Magento 2 as their core platform.


With continuous technical consulting and development support, we have ensured that the client can focus on growing their business and left the technical challenges behind. The client’s operations are much more efficient, and this shows in the sales numbers as well. The conversion rates have been on the rise, and so have the overall sales.

One of the most important things to accomplish was to solve “the mobile gap” which saw an increasing number of mobile visitors who have not converted well – as a result of our efforts, we saw 63% increase in mobile revenues. We continue to provide services that enable growth as we act as true business partners for our client.

Total Users
Mobile Revenue
Faster Page Load

Since we started working with Inchoo, our business has improved. They solved all of our issues quickly and developed new features that met all of our needs—everything that they deliver works flawlessly. The team is dedicated, professional, and easy to work with. They accommodate our requests and care about the success of our business.

— Arik Barel, Judaica WebStore

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