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Release date: February 28, 2019 | Market: Europe | Industry: Sports merchandise and equipment
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Sportwerk is a German-based company specialized in selling popular sports merchandise, equipment, clothing, accessories, and nutrition products for all sports enthusiasts, no matter whether they run, swim, hike, or go to the gym to exercise in their free time. The core model of this business is to offer a wide range of sports products (more than 100 different brands) with very attractive prices.

All of that guided the process of creating a modern, user-friendly, and secure online store that offers their customers a happier, healthier, and more active life. Sportwerk has everything someone needs to start and improve their running game.

The Background Story

Our challenge was to create a secure, fast, and functional online store from scratch. This new Magento store we designed and developed is just that! Our approach on this project was guided by simplicity. During the planning phase, we knew what we wanted; a functional online store that sells, without unnecessary elements and features; in other words, we wanted an online store with old-school usability and modern design that makes shopping more convenient for sports enthusiasts.

The whole case started with a clean slate. The client gave us the freedom to contribute with fresh ideas, expertise, and creativity we have in the eCommerce world. We took our ideas and brought them to life. The client believed in our sense of ”what is best” and let us do it.

In the first weeks of planning, we even collaborated and helped our client in the process of deciding on and creating the logo and name of the store, and in the end, together we crafted this beautiful story.

We are not here just to be done with our tasks, we strive to always be proactive and to go deeper and beyond in the creative process. Looking at the big picture, adding business value through not just technical excellence, but also growth marketing, is what we do best.

We are grateful that our passionate clients have endless trust in us; that’s why we give them our best, as we always do with everything we create.


Case study Sportwerk

In the initial months after the launch, we have seen growth figures in both sales volumes and conversion rates much higher than expected. In the first year of existence, the client’s store has an eCommerce conversion rate of 3.55%, which is 108% better than the industry average. The bounce rate on the website is 9.12%, which is 55% lower than the industry average. The store also has 14% lower cart abandonment rate when compared with the industry average.

Higher Conversion Rate Than Industry Average
Lower Bounce Rate Than Industry Average
Lower Cart Abandonment Rate Than Industry Average

We can also see great results in Google Search Console, looking at the performance report for SEO over the first year of existence of the online store.

performance rise of sportwerk online store

We have a lot of experience with agencies in Germany, and their willingness to go beyond the defined scope is not always there. In contrast, Inchoo is really flexible and provides us the help we need. We like working with them, and they’re more than an agency for us. We’ve become friends, and we can go to them with any problem we might have.

— Sportwerk, Sportwerk

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