Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration with no business disruptions and with immediate sales increase. We helped this client improve with custom features and a UX overhaul.

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Release date: January 15, 2019 | Market: USA | Industry: B2B, tools, manufacturing
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Profile is an online store dedicated to providing their customers with an unbeatable selection of quality flooring tools, installation products, and accessories. Headquartered in Earth City, Missouri, they’ve been proudly serving customers at the brick and mortar level since 1962.

The online store has been live since 2003, and helps customers worldwide find the right solutions for their next flooring project. fulfills orders from more than 25 fully-stocked locations across USA to ensure orders arrive on time.


T4F Magento 1 eCommerce website was becoming increasingly outdated. The client wanted to achieve a complete overhaul, with minimal downtime to their sales and operations. They were looking to migrate their website from Magento 1 to Magento 2, while maintaining several complex functionalities and improving in a number of places, especially around UX.

During this project, the client’s in-house marketing team was to be heavily involved and work alongside Inchoo’s to make sure their insights about customer behavior and their understanding of the customers’ needs get matched with the technical know-how and eCommerce experience our team was bringing to the table.


We worked closely with our T4F’s marketing team to take the initial design mockups and work off of them to implement an entirely revamped user experience. Since this was a Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration project, we needed to ensure all the essential data was taken over to the new website. In addition to this, we needed to properly utilize new, improved features.

This included, among others:

We were taking over some of the custom features, and we were also introducing new ones. So, we needed to address any areas of potential conflicts between the new and the old website functionalities. This has been properly covered during the project planning phase.

Because of the switch, the client had a lot of getting used to the new system that is Magento 2. This meant it was essential that all the work was properly documented. That way, we helped the client retain the full control over the new website.

Tools4Flooring - case study - Magento - new design New design
Tools4Flooring - case study - Magento - old design>Old design

In addition to the main project, there were several key improvements that were introduced with the new website.

Custom product pricing

One of the features we needed to handle on the project was to clarify various product pricing options for different products. In particular, price by square footage is very important to show for some of the products offered, as the customers are planning their flooring projects based on the area of the rooms they’re covering.

And since the pricing calculation isn’t linear, it was slightly more challenging to achieve this custom feature.

Klevu powering the site search

Search engine for the website was also in need of a revamp. With the breadth of the catalog Tools4Flooring holds, it was important to get the website visitors much more relevant and accurate results than what they used to have.

And from our previous experiences with Klevu, it was a clear and logical choice. Their machine learning algorithms continuously improve the results based on what the customers are actually looking for, and their support is amazing. So, this was a no-brainer.


Some of the client’s concerns about possible downtimes and drop in website visits and sales were mitigated with our approach from day one.

With the old website running steadily (which we also helped with), and without the client’s push for hard deadlines, we had the opportunity to make all the preparations needed for a quality launch.

One of the areas that can get overlooked with migration projects is the SEO. This is why we always work through an entire SEO migration checklist on our projects, to ensure everything is covered.

And all of this showed – immediately after the launch the sales jumped 15-20%. This growth has continued throughout the year, and you can check out some of the numbers (YoY comparison) below.

Total Revenue
Website Users
Avg Server Response Time
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