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Bozidar Prpic

Project Manager

Bozidar Prpic

Bozidar is a seasoned Project Manager with a bachelor's degree in Finance and a master's degree in Organization and Management. With an array of licenses and certifications, he is proficient in Project Management, Consulting, Business Analysis, and ERP Management.

His role at Inchoo involves connecting client needs with project teams while driving growth. He is also skilled in business development and key account management, leveraging these abilities to identify and pursue new opportunities, build and maintain strong relationships, negotiate and close deals.

Bozidar brought valuable experience from his previous roles before joining our team. His professional track record is marked by a successful team leadership in software implementations and website redesign projects, underscoring his strategic vision and execution prowess. Quite impressive, isn't it?

Beyond his professional achievements, Bozidar's passion for handball has seen him evolve from a player to a certified referee and supervisor, actively contributing to the Croatian Handball Federation. Committed to continuous growth, he seeks further development in Business Analysis, Project Management, and Consulting to deliver enhanced value to our team and clients.

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