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Lucija Majstrovic

Marketing Representative

Lucija Majstrovic

Talking about creativity, it's good we have Lucija in our Marketing & Sales team! As a student, she joined us as a Marketing Intern, primarily taking care of Inchoo's Social Media accounts.

Now, with a Master's Degree in her pocket, her role scope got bigger, so she became a full-time Marketing Representative! She's our go-to person for creating all types of digital content, from articles and eBooks to case studies. She is also taking care of our website and improving her WordPress knowledge daily.

Before joining Inchoo, she worked in telecommunications for more than three years. Her favorite part about that job was training new employees because she's very much a people person! Apart from that, she managed Social Media accounts for a dog's brand, and her eCommerce knowledge began when she made a webshop on Shopify for the same brand. Impressive, right?

The only two things in this world she can't resist are dogs and sweets. Let's be honest, who could? Besides that, there are other things she likes as well, like hanging out with her friends & family, reading, and enjoying nature. And if you're ever walking by her office, be sure she'll offer you some sweets from the candy jar on her desk. You wouldn't even have to ask!

Latest posts by Lucija Majstrovic

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As our CTO, Stjepan Udovičić, hits the ten-year mark at Inchoo, we sat down to talk about his career journey. We could learn many things from our Chief Technology Officer, who’s been shaping the Inchoo tech scene for the last decade, but we decided to keep it short and insightful. We’re not going to make this introduction any longer; let’s hear more from Stjepan – the wins, the hurdles, and where things are heading.

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