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Lucija Majstrovic

Marketing Representative

Lucija Majstrovic

Talking about creativity, it's good we have Lucija on our Marketing and Sales team! Her marketing journey started long before she graduated with a Master's degree from the Faculty of Economics. While textbooks laid the foundation, Lucija's curiosity led her to explore beyond the classroom to deepen her understanding of the dynamic world of marketing.

She ran a small business selling dog clothes, honing her skills in branding, social media marketing, and eCommerce along the way. She also spent over three years in the telecommunications industry, where she excelled in her role and found joy in mentoring newcomers. Recently, she joined a team to raise money for the upcoming movie, where she was in charge of a crowdfunding campaign. Pretty impressive, right?

At Inchoo, her role is as diverse as her interests. From crafting compelling content to managing social media campaigns, she brings creativity and strategic insight to every project. She also takes on the role of a mentor, guiding a marketing intern and team members.

Beyond the confines of the office, Lucija's heart belongs to her adorable Samoyed, Fluffy. Along with spending quality time with her furry companion and family, she enjoys taking walks in nature and reading a good book.

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