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6th Year of Collaboration with Faculty of Economics in Osijek

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Oh my, seeing how many years have passed in our collaboration is incredible. Once again, we are honored to be part of such an amazing journey. It was only possible with the help of our dear colleagues and professors. We greatly thank Antun Biloš, PhD, Full professor,  and Bruno Budimir, mag.oec., Research and teaching assistant, for the given trust in all these years. Before discussing our side of the story and the things we cherish, here is what the professor said.

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We Came a Long Way: 15 Years Of Inchoo

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Last week, on May 7th, we celebrated our 15th birthday. Choosing the beautiful Orlov Put as our birthday location in nature allowed us to truly relax and enjoy our celebration. You’ll get the details of our birthday celebration, but first, we’d like to reflect on our previous 12 months.

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SEO Health Check Competition

Employees discussing the SEO of the webshop

You probably got a few hints from the headline, but you must have been wondering what’s going on here. The spring served us more energy this year, as some unusual things are going on in the office. Here’s a quick introduction.

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Magento 2 SEO Expert Advice Straight To Your Fingertips

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Everyone already knows that in order to bring traffic to your site, you have to work hard. Having put so much effort into a site, who would want it to turn into a ghost town? We’re betting no one… If you agree, your options go in two ways (more or less), you can pay for your traffic or work on optimization a bit harder. Both PPC and SEO bring their value. That means you need the best of both worlds.

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