Zend Core – PHP LAMP/WAMP stack overview

For all those in open source web application development, like myself, LAMP/WAMP is well known term, especially if your development is based on PHP. Imagine WAMP with commercial support available and you what to you get? You get Zend Core. I don’t mean to be harsh neither to WAMP or Zend Core with statements like these. I’m simply trying to explain as short as possible, to those interested in Zend Core what it actually is.

It is a simplified installation of the full PHP application stack, including web server, databases, extensions and Zend Framework. This last is really interesting if you prefer Zend Framework for development.

Zend Core comes with 3 subscription models (levels): Silver, Gold and Platinum. With prices ranging from $250 – $750 per dual processor-core. Subscriptions provide support for bug fixes, security patches and maintenance releases for automatic and manual downloading & deployment via the Zend Network. All of this trough Web-based support & phone support.

Below are the screen shots of entire installation process and application overview. I screen shotted entire administration interface, so if you are considering going Zend Core you might find it useful.

Welcome to the ZEND Core 2.5 Installation

License Agreement

ZEND core complete or custom setup

Installation Destination Location
ZEND Apache Install

Apache Port Number

zend extension association
zend gui administration password

ZEND Network

proxy configuration

Install ZEND core

Installation progress

Downloading ZEND framework

ZEND core has downloaded a compressed file

Location of ZEND Core's administration GUI

zend core v2.5 installed

zend core admin login

zend core system overview

zend core phpinfo

zend core support

zend core update

php configuration

zend core configuration php

zend core extensions

zend products configuration

zend configuration directives

zend debugger

zend core php documentation

search zend core documentation

about zend core

It works!

And that’s it. Complete screen shot tour of Zend Core.

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  1. @Wil

    Hi there, thnx for the tip. Strange coincidence, I tried the Zend Server CE this morning on Windows XP box 🙂 Looks great. Not sure if I will have time to write an article on it tough.

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