Is it time for the 1st Croatian eCommerce client?

As some of you may know, our team is located in lovely small country called Croatia (it is in Europe). Our mission is to create a microbrand for  eCommerce development services. Since we were using Magento as a platform of choice, we ended up creating a microbrand for a Magento development services. On the long run, our goal is to be recognized in eCommerce community and not just Magento’s. There is a long way to go to achieve this, but here we are: working in the international world, with clients all over the globe. From US ones, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, France, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong. Only one Croatian client hired us for iPhone development services. Is it time for first Croatian eCommerce client?

When I compare January 2010 with January 2009, many things have changed:

  • Team is more than doubled (from 5 to 11 employees)
  • Number of projects is greatly increased
  • Number of project managers increased from 1 to 3
  • We have dedicated sales manager
  • Number of phone calls in the office is increased by ten

Working only with international clients emphasized the usage of eMails, Collaboration tools like Basecamp, Skype, Yahoo IM, etc. Phone was ringing only rarely. Things are changing now and we have at least one phone inquiry per day mostly from Croatian clients.

Having a local clients will definitely be something new for Inchoo. This old fashioned meetings that end with handshake instead of  meeting review eMails will be part of our daily activities.  We will face new challenges, but in case the choice of partners is good, I am sure this will bring fun and action to the team and everyday work.

We will keep you in the loop. 🙂

Tomislav Bilic

- Founder and CEO

Tomislav is a founder and CEO at Inchoo. Enjoys traveling - especially quick getaways, traditional cuisine (from most cultures), good wine and strong rakija.

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  1. Congratz

    eCommerce will just get bigger and bigger in balkan so be prepared for tons of new work 🙂

    cheers from Slovenia

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