Inchoo & Magento in 2024 and Beyond

Inchoo & Magento in 2024 and Beyond

As we step into 2024, the stage is set for another year of growth and evolution of eCommerce. With statistics projecting staggering revenue figures and an exponential increase in user penetration, the online market is evidently not just a trend but a fundamental aspect of modern consumer behavior.

Unveiling Projected Revenue and Growth

According to Statista, the eCommerce market is expected to reach remarkable heights in 2024, with projected revenues hitting an impressive US$3,178.00 billion. Even more intriguing is the anticipated annual growth rate (CAGR 2024-2029) of 9.79%, indicating no signs of slowing down. With such exponential growth, the possibilities for businesses to thrive are boundless. However, with great opportunity comes greater competition, as staying ahead of the curve will be essential for businesses amidst the fierce competition

Our Vision of eCommerce Tomorrow

Over 15 years of working with clients have given us a clear understanding of what businesses need to remain competitive. It makes our vision of eCommerce tomorrow all about offering services designed to help businesses succeed. We understand what it takes to thrive in the ever-changing online market and are here to give businesses the edge they need to stand out in the competitive world of eCommerce today and in the future.

Magento Platform

From day one, Magento has been the backbone of most of our projects as a platform of choice for ambitious businesses, with over 250,000 merchants worldwide leveraging its capabilities. According to Web Tribunal, merchants on Magento experience growth rates three times faster than those on competing platforms, a testament to its effectiveness in driving online success. After all these years, Magento continues to be one of the best options for scaling businesses worldwide, providing unmatched flexibility.

UX/UI Design

Effective eCommerce design goes beyond aesthetics, as does our Magento web design service. It’s about creating memorable experiences that drive customer engagement and boost sales. Our UX/UI design approach is tailored to your brand’s unique story and customer needs, focusing on intuitiveness, simplicity, and memorability. Backed by over 15 years of experience and expertise in Magento and UX/UI design, we combine analytical insights, industry trends, and customer feedback to craft compelling online experiences that resonate with your audience. From user experience research to personalized design solutions, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals through exceptional design.

Digital Marketing

A powerful eCommerce solution, great UX design, the latest technology, and mere presence won’t get you into a growing mode. You’ll need to ensure you reach your target audience or vice versa. Our SEO experts ensure we accomplish that. Whether through on-page or technical SEO service, we ensure your online store is optimized for search engines and your customers. We’ll connect your targeted audience to your online store, which will significantly contribute to your website’s organic traffic.

Data Analytics

In eCommerce, data isn’t just information but the key to unlocking your business’s full potential. At Inchoo, we specialize in harnessing the power of data analytics to drive informed decision-making. Whether it’s optimizing marketing efforts, improving site performance, or collecting meaningful insights, our Google Analytics and GTM support services are tailored to your unique business needs. From setting up and configuring Google Tag Manager to integrating Google Analytics 4 and beyond, we ensure your data is clean, accurate, and actionable. You can trust us to empower your business with high-quality, optimized data that fuels growth and success.

Hyvä Theme

This year, we introduced the Hyvä theme, a frontend game-changer in the Magento landscape. Magento’s frontend has historically been its Achilles heel. Now, Hyvä sets new standards for performance, reducing development time and accelerating market entry. With Hyvä, businesses can achieve more than just keeping up with the competition regarding their frontend; they can lead toward eCommerce excellence. 

Mage-OS Platform

We’re not just about staying up-to-date with current platforms but about shaping the future of eCommerce. That’s why we’re embracing Mage-OS, which revitalizes the values of community-driven innovation. As Adobe focuses on enterprise solutions, Mage-OS fills the gap, empowering businesses of all sizes with an agile, accessible, and continuously evolving platform. With our expertise, we offer seamless migration, enhanced performance, and a future-proof solution that keeps you ahead of the curve in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

eCommerce in 2024 and Beyond with Inchoo

We recognize this ever-changing nature and offer tailored solutions to empower businesses in the competitive online environment. Whether it’s Magento development services to create a robust online storefront, digital marketing strategies to drive traffic, streamlined design, or help with making data-driven decisions, we’re here to support your eCommerce journey every step of the way. Reach out to us to help you navigate your business in 2024 and beyond.

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