Developers Paradise 2016 – hosted by Inchoo

Newest edition of Developers Paradise will be held at Opatija, from 25th to 28th April of 2016, and it will be organized and hosted by, yours truly, Inchoo.

Several months ago – preparations started.

We wanted to prepare ourselves for the process which was yet to start and, at this very moment, ongoing process of organizing the newest “event of the season”, Developers Paradise 2016.

When we say “event of the season”, we mean going back to the roots. Original moto of Developers Paradise is “lots of code and fun in the sun” and since there was no summer edition of Developers Paradise for two years, we wanted it to be a real summer kick off.

marina in Opatija. Croatia.

That’s why the upcoming Developers Paradise is organised in the beautiful Grand hotel “4 Opatija Flowers” in the late spring of 2016. A real callout for the summer will last for 4 days, from 25th to 28th of April 2016 and is set out to bring you latest Magento 2 news.

Hotel, located in Opatija, is expected to host 150 attendees from all around the Magento globe. We expect students and teachers in the form of developers, consultants and managers from Magento themselves, a lot of partner companies or some looking to become a more involved part of a great community we all share. All of them eager to share and gain knowledge.


You can expect not only development topics but also lots of free time activities which will fill out your schedule and create lifelong memories.

Want to know more? Make sure you stay tuned! Check out official Developers Paradise Tickets and FAQ page to learn more on pricing, booking and venue.

We are looking forward to hosting you – make sure to book the dates and see you in Croatia!

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