Google Tag Manager – wrap-up and manage all your Google tags

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that  eliminates tedious code-editing tasks  for your website. The easy-to-use web  interface lets your marketing colleagues  add and update their own website tags—including javascript code snippets for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing and more. They can do it all without bothering you, leaving you time to relax and focus on other important work. – says Google Tag Manager promo material. 

Today Google launched Google Tag Manager. Basicaly, it’s a web interface that enables you to manage and control all Google related Javascript calls or tags (Analytics, AdWords, etc… and some more) from one place, with only one code edit to your webpage (the one that places GTM code). After that, everything is handled through GTM web interface…


At first, it seems that this tool is aimed mostly at marketers with low dev background. We’ll yet have to see the benefits of this paradigm over usual traffic and conversion tracking/management for complex scenarios and e-commerce sites.


Take a look at    Tag Manager Quick start guide , feature list, migration guide and brief video…




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  1. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Today, it becomes easier to use Google Tag Manager for Magento sites by using a module to integrate Google Tag Manager into Magento. You do not need to insert code snippet to Magento sites as before. Just by installing Google Tag Manager module, it will do it for you quickly .
    Especially it also supports e-commerce data (including transaction data: id, affiliation, revenue, shipping, tax and Item Data: id, name, price, quantity) when you want to send to Google analytics for analyzing information of orders in more details.

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