Developers Paradise official overview (and photos!)

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It’s been a week since all of our troops got back to Osijek. Now when the adrenaline settled a bit and we’re back in business, we are excited (all over again!) to share DevParadise impressions – and pictures – with you.

As you probably know by now, DevParadise is an annual conference of Meet Magento Association aimed specifically at Magento developers and this year it was organized by us and held in Opatija from April 25th – 28th. The idea is to have “Lots of code and fun in the sun” and we had plenty of it for sure.

Okay, fine, we lacked some sun and we are sorry about that one. But you’ll have to forgive us, we are still learning how to control the weather. 😉

Conference started on Monday (April 25th). But, it doesn’t mean those who arrived earlier had nothing to do. Quite the opposite, many decided to join us on Sunday due to the fact we’ve had a hackathon and a workshop before the official opening!

Roughly translated, we had two fully booked pre-events with more than 60 people attending. Just to put things into a certain perspective, we thought there’s going to be no more than 40 of you according to your applications.

But, the community did its thing and people were able to move one another to get all worked up and excited about Magento 2.

That was exactly what we hoped for! That’s exactly what kind of vibe we wanted to have at our very first conference. As Gabriel Somoza said, and Tomislav Bilic quoted during the opening – it’s the community that makes it a paradise.

Monday kickoff continued with rakija party and dancing to “Macarena” till early morning hours. Apart from learning about Magento 2, we also learned a lot about who can dance! 🙂

Despite that, people had the will, strength and energy to go for a Magerun – can I get a round of applause for that?

Same level of excitement continued throughout the day for every lecture.

Magento 2 core team took notes as much as the community. During the panel, they even admitted they learned something about Magento 2. We still believe that’s one of the best confirmations conference was worth your while.

To give you a better overview, #Inchoodesign team put together an infographic, enjoy guys!

Also, you are more than welcome to check our Facebook album with the pictures from the conference – please tag yourself or anybody you know and help us spread it around the Magento community. 🙂

infographics-02 (1)

Don’t forget to check out the photos from the conference!

As we mentioned, feel free to tag yourself or anybody you know – you’ll be spreading the word (and good vibes!) around Magento community. 🙂

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  1. Great stuff guys!
    Although we didn’t attend – we’ve seen all of the action through Twitter and other outlets:) Great sessions, awesome parties and an amazing audience. Keep it up!

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