Why you should go to MageTestFest if you are a Magento developer

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When a conference is advertised as “Magento. Software Testing. Party.” and Yireo stands behinds its organization, there is really not much left to say in order to convince you to attend MageTestFest that’s happening November 15th – 18th 2017!

There are no doubts – you must clear your schedule and head off to this international developer oriented event that has one single focus: TESTING! Vital for clean coding, testing is a topic that can always break the unbearable silence among developers that are just meeting each other.

But let’s be serious for a moment here. Testing should be a fundamental part of your work if you are a developer. Guys behind MageTestFest saw the need for full-depth conference about testing, where everybody is talking about the same topic, which results in extreme focus, learning and fun. And also for future cleaner code, fewer screw-ups and happier customers.

Who are the speakers?

Only proven experts on the subject! Sebastian Bergmann, Mathias Verraes, Vinai Koop, Fabian Schmengler, James Cowie, Tom Erskine, Igor Minailo and Jisse Reitsma will blow you away with knowledge they are willing to share in order for you to become an even better developer!


Four exciting days are ahead of us all – 1 conference day, 2 workshops (PHPUNIT, DDD) and 1 contribution day/hackathon.

Meet the Inchooers, they’ll have the goodies!

Inchoo troops will also be there! Look for our green banner where Stjepan Udovicic and Luka Rajcevic will meet you with open hands (that will be filled with Inchoo swag)! T-shirts, notebooks, stickers, be sure to grab yours while you can! 😉

Go to MageTestFest, invest in a future with fewer screw-ups!

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