Magento 2: launched and available!

Magento 2: launched and available!

There’s a new kid on the block – a brand new version of Magento eCommerce platform was released yesterday to enable (even more) omnichannel shopping experiences.

Global ecosystem of merchants, partners and developers has been getting ready for this since 2010.

What does Magento 2.0 stand for them?

It is said that Magento 2.0 is a next generation platform with an unmatched flexibility and innovation opportunities. We’ve been waiting for it to be generally available ever since it was announced back in 2010.

Lavelle said that the platform builds on open source heritage which always enabled creating unique customer experiences. Official release notes confirmed that we can expect more extensive and efficient APIs, responsive design reference themes and over 50% faster page load times across many catalog and checkout pages (among many other updates!).

Magento 2 for developers

Ivan Weiler commented the release.

Magento2 is a brand new beast. 🙂 It’s using patterns and integrates with technologies that are current standard in development.

It’s more modular and more extensible than before, which is always great. It introduces testing as part of development.

We also expect to see additional scalability and performance updates along the way, with fully integrated new API​-based approach.

We are happy that new platform is out, it presents new challenge for us developers to learn new things, share knowledge and build great eCommerce sites.

This adds up to the fact that Magento is number one omnichannel eCommerce platform in the world. It had to keep up with the trends and demand for immediacy in order to stay on top of their game.

Magento hopes to delight the customer even more so.

Magento 2 for merchants

Aron Stanic commented on importance of Magento for merchants.

As with any new release, I’d say many of our current and new clients will be a bit cautious and will approach it with an eye out on the experiences of others.

But, with the ecosystem as vibrant and transparent as Magento’s this process will be fast – I expect many new sites to start popping up everywhere (we too have some in the pipeline) which will allow for a good alignment around best practices of Magento 2 implementations.

Magento 2 brings a change, and it’s a big one – I for one believe it will be for the better. Now it’s up to first and foremost Magento, and then us as well as the rest of the #RealMagento community to create some success stories with our clients.

With that being said, what’s Inchoo’s take regarding the release and the upcoming period?

Magento 2 for Solution Partners

Tomislav Bilic commented on Inchoo’s position as a Silver Solution Partner.

Over 95% of our income comes from the services directly or indirectly related to Magento. Therefore, it is very clear that arrival of Magento 2 is a long awaited and very important moment for the company. Anxiety is growing since 2010 when it was announced for the first time, so it was no surprise that most of the employees were on Twitter yesterday to see the first reactions of the people from the community.

At Inchoo, we are well aware that merchants are the ones who matter in this story. It is of primal importance that

  • Merchants continue to have trust in Magento 2 as a platform.
  • Merchants continue to have trust in Inchoo.

In order to win such trust, we invested a lot of time and effort in training our teams for Magento 2. We became “Magento 2 Trained Solution Partner” few days ago. Finally, we are looking for new challenges and opportunities.

Everyone is very excited in the company for the times ahead. We feel ready and prepared for new battles and experiences. Since yesterday, new platform will be the main focus for the whole community and main action will happen there. I strongly believe that Magento 2 will continue to be an “eCommerce platform for growth”. We will do our best to make the transition process as smooth as possible for our existing and new partners.

Now, are you and your company ready for Magento 2?

What’s your take on the release?

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  1. Magento2 is very complex.Since its new,no proper coding explanation or proper tutorials are available
    can you guide me a good tutorial for a proper explanation of working of codes,
    and how to access the model and collections as we use to access in the old magento ?

  2. Can’t wait to do my first Magento2 build! It’s long overdue to have Composer support built in. It should also bring Magento more in line with some of the major PHP frameworks.

  3. Tomislav, Considering I currently use about 10 different extensions from different extension sellers like Magestore – waiting for them to release their new versions would mean I cannot migrate until and unless each one of them releases updates to the extensions.
    If I was to install a fresh copy of Magento 2.0 – copy all my extension files manually into the folder structure and test it out on the existing database (copied offcourse) – is it worth giving a try?

    1. Hi Monica,
      There will be a lot of major changes. And yes, you will have to rewrite all your extensions if you plan to use them in Magento 2.

    2. Hello Monica, let me ask you if your Father’s name is Klemens (Klema)? Was he born in Poland? I am looking for my cousin, Klemens Runka, who settled in the U.S. many years ago. One thing I know is that he got married there and had daughter whose name’s Monica. Greetings, Aldona in Szczecin (Poland)

  4. As a store owner I’m expecting benchmarks and new critical resources.
    Cause Magento 1.9 is very useful and extensible yet.

    1. Magento 1 will continue to be supported for few more years. During this time, it will certainly be useful, but I don’t expect there will be any new major developments there in the future.

      Regarding benchmarks, check out MageMeter. There are few benchmarks reports from the community. I expect that biggest speed improvements will be visible once PHP7 gets released.

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