Magento mobile theme – imobile

Magento mobile theme – imobile

Magento meets jQuery mobile (ver 1.1.0), before we start please note this is only experiment, use this theme on your own, this is not (yet) production ready. In a nutshell we have “package” under which we place all edited files. For start we use magento iphone theme and then add some “extra stuff”.

Some of key features:

  • Autodetects the mobile device
  • jQuery mobile (v. 1.1.0)
  • Homepage slider (
  • Almost all pages styled 🙂

Installation is simple, just copy downloaded files, (app, skin) after that go to administration and do some Magento magic. Magento already have browser detection, you only need to create rule. In our case we dropped table support because most of them will display normal desktop view store. Here is rule:

iPhone|iPod|BlackBerry|Palm|Googlebot-Mobile|mobile|mobi|Windows Mobile|Safari Mobile|Android|Opera Mini|Fennec

You can add any other browser to this Expression, just point your device to and find out user agent name of device browser. And this is how it looks in administration

Using expressions

We need to mention that theme is independent from main store theme, all files which are edited don’t “break” default Magento markup we are only using power of HTML5 and one of the new cool feature “custom data attributes“.

Simply, the specification for custom data attributes states that any attribute that starts with “data-” will be treated as a storage area for private data (private in the sense that the end user can’t see it – it doesn’t affect layout or presentation).

Short explanation by John Resig

And here is our example for store header:

<div data-role="header" data-position="inline" data-theme="c">
<h1><a href="<?php echo $this->getUrl('') ?>" data-icon="home">
<img src="<?php echo $this->getLogoSrc() ?>" alt="<?php echo $this->getLogoAlt() ?>" /></a></h1>
<!--?php echo $this----->getChildhtml('top-user');?></div>

We don’t have any local hosted files regarding to jQuery because it is much easier to edit and place the newest version of js.

					<![CDATA[<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript">jQuery.noConflict();</script>]]>
					<![CDATA[<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>]]>
				<![CDATA[		<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />]]>

Ah, if you need more info about jQuery mobile framework go to:

Swipe JS,,

Swipe is a lightweight mobile slider with 1:1 touch movement, resistant bounds, scroll prevention, and completely library agnostic. ;-).

Ok, we made simple approach, create static block, named Slider with ID slider and place this code

<div style="display: block;"><img src="{{media url=" alt="" /></div>
<div style="display: none;"><img src="{{media url=" alt="" /></div>
<div style="display: none;"><img src="{{media url=" alt="" /></div>
<div style="display: none;"><img src="{{media url=" alt="" /></div>

If is there no needs for homepage slider just removed it from local.xml (from line 44).

For styling pages, we cover most of them but there is always more space to improve some part of Magento interface.

For demo and download, please visit @ github.

So if you have any suggestion, issues, trouble just comment below, enjoy

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  1. Hi. Thanks for the great theme! I wanted to use the slider feature on the home page as follows:

    <div style="display: none;"><Form with SEARCH at top and LOG-IN or ACCOUNT DASHBOARD page depending on if user is logged in></div>
    <div style="display: block;"><img src="myimagehere" alt="" /></div>
    <div style="display: none;"><CATEGORY LIST /></div>

    What is the best method to call the search/log-in forms in:

    I tried a cms page with

    <reference code="content">
    <block type="core/template" name="" as="topSearch" template="catalogsearch/"/>
    <block type="customer/form_login" name="customer_form_login" template="customer/form/login.phtml"/>

    added to update xml but that didnt work. Any help is appreciated.

  2. Mobile template is working fine!! thanks for that, however, navigation and products are not appearing, I var_dump the category data, seems its empty, but we have plenty of items there,

    getStoreCategories() ?>

    result is: array(0) { } NULL

    any solution??

  3. I am facing a conflict between OneStepCheckout and the mobile theme. Is there a way to force original-magento-onepage-checkout from the template? Thanks!

  4. hi,

    I am getting error after checkout :
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method Mage_Catalog_Helper_Data::canApplyMsrp

    I am using magento 1.5.1


  5. If anyone else has noticed the list and grid view of catalog pages are the same layout, to change grid view to a grid is very easy, find line 45 and change data-role to “gridview”

    What I can’t work it is how to get 2 or 3 products per column.. anyone? Have tried the usual catalog.xml and list.phtml changes to column count without any luck.

  6. This is exactly what I have been looking for, you guys rock!

    Could you tell how to go about redesigning the homepage? I want to add some product images, couldn’t see any .phtml file that corresponded to the homepage..


  7. Thanks Stanislav.
    works great.
    the only problem is I want to get to the product page from product list using ajax but with:

    <a href="<?php echo $_product->getProductUrl() ?>" data-ajax="false">

    clicking on a product in product list opens a new window in safari mobile.
    I tried to remove data-ajax=”false” but it does not work.
    how would you load a product page using ajax (without page reload)?

  8. Hi Andrew, Thanks for a very nice mobile theme.
    Everything is working well except for checkout. I am getting a blank page.
    I guess this is because I am working with a OnePage checkout extension. Can I somehow redirect to the standard Magento checkout?

  9. Hi Andrew, can you please post more info regarding to expression (screenshot maybe).
    Pratik, can you please send me url of your store so I can check issue with landscape orientation.
    Sunil, can you please for start with jQuery mobile documentation, there is some issues with position fixed on some mobile browsers.

  10. Do you have to change any code to make this work, other than adding the expression – we can get the default iphone theme to show using expressions but not this theme, which is a shame, because this is far neater!

    Any advice appreciated.

  11. Hi,

    Thanks for your theme it’s working fine in iphone (Portrait Dimensions)

    but it’s not working in landscape resolution,

    do you have any idea for the same ??

    Please let me know if you have any solution for landscape view.

    Thanks In advance.

  12. Hi looks very good in Iphone .

    But i want to set header and footer to fixed position. i have already applied data-position=”fixed” but still header and footer not set on fixed position. Is there any way?


  13. @Andrew, I looked at this briefly recently but I hav’nt had time to go over it properly.
    To start have a look in /app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Design/Package.php at the getTheme($type) method,
    You’ll see the Custom theme is set if it matches a User Agent regex value that’s set in the config.

    Overriding this method locally and adding a check for a session variable that you’ve set when clicking a ‘Desktop view’ button on the mobile theme would work.
    I’ll write this up in a blog post shortly.

  14. Hi – you can remove my comment if you wish to as to not waste anyone’s time. I have it working.

    Thanks for your efforts – much appreciated.

  15. Hello
    I know I am missing something but your innstructions about “some Magento magic: cre a little vague and I have looked at other sites and follwed their configurations to no effect. I have the mobile template installed and if I set it up as the main site template it works just fine. What I cannot fo it get it to appear as an exception in the Design menu. I can get iphone to work as an exception but not imobile (and I much prefer imobile in terms of look and functionaliity),

    Any advice would be much appreciated.



  16. Is there anyway to override the matched expressions so that I can create a “View full site” button at the bottom.
    Does anybody have any idea Where Matched expression is evaluated and if it’s override-able with some custom logic?

  17. i have upgrade from 1.6 to 1.7, but i cannot see any new HTML5 mobile theme, should i need to download the new theme from anywhere?

  18. Hi,

    The Continue Shopping button does not work… Its a good template but its seems there are lots of bugs.

    Hope this problem will fix sooner.


  19. Hi,

    I already solve that issue, now i have new problem,

    1. I cant remove the checkout product
    2. Product quantity is default by 94

    Is there a way how to fix this?


  20. getStoreCategories() ?>

    0): ?>

    <a href="getCategoryUrl($_category) ?>”>
    getName() ?>

    load($_category->getId()) ?>
    getChildrenCategories() ?>
    0): ?>

    <a href="getCategoryUrl($_subcategory) ?>”>
    getName() ?>

  21. Hi Stan,

    Can you possibly give me the correct code, Clive solution is not working but the logic is correct but i need to know how to get the exact url of the product.

    <a href="htmlEscape($_product->getName()?>”>

    <a href=".html”>

    it gives me 404 error.


  22. Looks great. My suggestions on the first look:

    -if you jump into a category the header links plus logo and the footer disappears. It would be good if they don’t do this
    -the slider for the add to cart is nice but I think in most cases you will add only 1 item to cart and the slider claims much space

  23. Hi looks great and would like to work with this package 🙂

    Trying to get it working but ran in to the following problem: I can navigate up to the gridpage but when trying to get into the product detail page it keeps running and will not load the product detailpage? Using firebug I see a “throw $continue” is deprecated, use “return” instead” error. Can this be a Jquery conflict somewhere or is it something else that I got wrong?

  24. Fixed the problem of no url on flat categories. On line 15 of category-navigation.phtml i changed it to <a href="getUrlKey() ?>.html”>.

  25. This is really awesome! I did notice something though, if one of the categories on the homepage does not have sub categories it does not seem to contain url to that category.

  26. Great work, can you plz add wp7/ie9 mobile ?
    User agent info contains:
    – Windows Phone
    – IEMobile/9.0

  27. @Zdravko, you need to be logged in to to have “inchooer” badge when commenting. This way we don’t know if it’s really you or someone just took your nick 😛

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