Inchoo – one of top50 .net websites in the world!

More than a week ago, covered an interesting topic on their blog. More than 33% of the top ranking sites in the Alexa top million end in something other than .com. And guess what? is one of the top50 whose domain ends with .net.

Most of the sites you hear about are .com.

From Facebook to Twitter, there are number of popular websites you click on every day and whose domain ends with .com. Even the platform we are working on, Magento itself, has a .com domain. But, let us assure you that just because you struggled when deciding on the site name and ended up with .co or .net instead of the usual .com doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be on the “top of your game”.

What do the statistics say?

As Dan Slagen said in his article: “33% of the top ranking sites in the Alexa top million end in something other than .com.” so fear not! While .com is clearly the dominate domain, there are plenty of others that have broken into the traffic rankings elite.

Where does that put Inchoo?, on that list, is placed among top 50 ranking .net websites in the world. That is a good confirmation that investing your time in creating a quality content rather than in thinking of an available .com domain can really pay off. The product, no matter the domain, will eventually, get recognized.

That’s why we’d like to thank all of you who made this rank possible. Every click, every blog post read, every question asked and every project we worked on made it possible to keep company to Slideshare, Sony and Americanapparel on the aforementioned list.

We are looking forward to (net)working more, writing more and creating more content worth clicking on! 🙂

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