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Mladen Ristic

Frontend Developer

Mladen Ristic

As a Frontend Developer, Mladen says that his speciality is to transform client’s ideas into reality. His degree in Computer Science gave him the big picture, but most of his knowledge came from hands-on approach where he improved in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL,XML, JavaScript, Photoshop and Illustrator. A classic frontend developer story at Inchoo.

His previous work included clients from different industries, where he was developing entire websites, designing logos and billboards and creating simple web shops. Mladen was also one of the brains behind LegalTie - a modern software tailored to meet the needs of lawyers who want efficient office and client management.

His free time combines relaxation by watching a good thriller movie and being active by going to the gym, or formerly - boxing. Food is his thing, he loves to cook it, eat it, share it and discuss about it. One could say that Mladen is detail oriented because he sometimes uses a real ruler to check the alignment on the screen, but it’s not thaaaat often. :)

Latest posts by Mladen Ristic

Add static content in Magento Checkout address form

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for an easy way to add static content to the Checkout address fieldset.

If you open the Magento Checkout module, you will notice technology complexity of the Magento Checkout. When you consider Knockout, HTML, PHTML, XML, JS – such a mix of technologies can often make a simple straightforward task seem super complicated.

Usually, if you need to edit something on the Checkout, you need to create a custom module, which will override the Layout Processor. This approach makes sense if the Checkout modification is complex and there needs to be some kind of a dynamic.

But for simple tasks, such as updating input placeholders, adding the notes to the inputs or adding the text between inputs – custom modules are an overkill.

Let me share with you a simple frontend solution for situations when we need to add some text or an image banner, for example between the Last Name input and the Company input. Continue reading

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