Kapitol Reef :: Magento store with 1 product

Kapitol Reef :: Magento store with 1 product

Can an online store have only one product? Sure it can and we give you the one that just launched. Kapitol Reef was founded to develop, perfect, manufacture and market a new breed of snorkels based upon pressure-balanced breathing in the aquatic environment. The entire focus for this company is to deliver best-of-class products, starting with the snorkel. Kapitol Reef is in the market for many years and this week they published a new site. Similar to our work on Teraflex project, we used WordPress and Magento platforms for the development.

The request was to have an extensive online store solution with multiple customers groups. Those groups should have different product prices and different payment options. Magento seemed like a great solution for such a request, although the initial concern was if it might be an overkill considering the fact we only have one product to start with?

When the development started to roll out, the concern was no more. This will work superbly. We give you the new Magento store that uses a combination of WordPress and Magento.

Kapitol Reef

You may also notice a styled color switcher feature we developed for this project. As this product comes in various colors, we decided to spice up the product info page and style the color choosing to replace the default select box.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    As far as i concerned, would be great to change the page title of the website. It’s still displaying “Magento Commerce” when I browse it. It’s a simple configuration option in System -> Configuration -> Design -> HTML Head -> Default Title.

  2. hi

    that good for any other option in magento “extension” what i will need show featured product only particular cate that i will call show me one product of featured category only

  3. Looks good. We are looking into the power of Magento. Seems like it is the real deal.

    I did notice that the text of the logo moves when you switch between the wordpress and the shop. Other than that great integration across the two!

  4. Great!
    Can you explain how to do the color switcher with that color patches?
    Or can you build this functionality for me? If you can, I want to talk with you to see if we can make a deal.

  5. Looks pretty good! And similar to the Teraflex solution.
    One thing I saw was the shopping cart page displays a message that the item was added to the cart, but the message is wide and displayed to the right. It hangs out of the “box” of the rest of the page.

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