Why should you look for Solution Specialists when planning your new Magento project?

Why should you look for Solution Specialists when planning your new Magento project?

If you have plans for a new eCommerce project on Magento, what better place to start than with a team of certified experts who can prepare you to make the most of this powerful platform? Magento Certified Solution Specialist is someone you’d want to have on your team early on.

When you hear that someone is a “specialist” at their job, or that they’re “certified”, it may not prove that they’re the perfect match for your project, of course, but these attributes can provide sufficient grounds for initial pre-selection of candidates, wouldn’t you agree?

What’s a Solution Specialist in Magento?

For those of you who are new to Magento as a platform, it may be worthy to know that Magento has several certification programs available and that its solution partners can verify their expertise by having their team members (be those frontend, backend developers or consultants) earn their badges.

For merchants who may already use Magento and know both its stronger and weaker points, the Solution Specialist certification is a rather new one, that came out only a couple of months back.

The Magento Solution Specialist is “an expert user of Magento platform who can efficiently align business objectives with Magento functionality, optimize use of native features and avoid unnecessary customization.”

Sounds good, right? So what do they actually do on a project? These people are here to first and foremost ensure that you can achieve your goals with Magento implementation – if needed, they’re also here to help you modify your goals and set clear expectations on what’s possible with standard set of Magento features and what may need further customizations.

These are the people who are an invaluable liaison between you, the creative and development team and they (at least in our case) help establish lasting partnerships rather than mere client-agency relationships.

I’ve already explained the certification process in one of my previous blog posts, and there I’ve announced that we’ll soon be adding some shiny new badges to our roster. So here we are, a couple of months later (actually, this post is overdue as we’ve passed the exam back in mid June) and we can proudly let you know that we at Inchoo have the total of 4 (four) Magento Certified Solution Specialists on board.

Ivan Weiler passing the MCSS exam at Imagine conference with Jacko approving.

Our Ivan Weiler passing the MCSS exam at Imagine conference with Jacko approving.

Who are these people and how can they help you?

Let’s check them out alphabetically:

Toni Anicic – in a nutshell, he’s your SEO go-to guy – Toni has extensive experience with eCommerce SEO in particular and knows how to make the most out of any store’s SEO configuration. He loves seeing eCommerce conversion rates improve after some of his suggestions and getting our clients on the right path to achieving their business goals.

Drazen Karacic-Soljic – with a bit more life and work experience in various industries than Toni (a polite way to say he’s much older), Drazen loves getting involved in all aspects of our clients’ businesses as he makes sure that any suggestions we make are keeping in mind the big picture and focus on our clients’ unique strengths.

Aron Stanic – yours truly, it’s a bit strange to write about myself, but there you go – you’ll most likely see me or someone else from our sales team as the first point of contact when discussing some of your projects. I’ve been around Magento, project management and requirements scoping for over 5 years now and can help you with making sure we align expectations early on and set up priorities based on your budget and timeline.

Ivan Weiler – as our technical lead and consultant, Ivan finds himself actively involved in many of our clients’ projects in early, architectural planning stage when he helps some of our teams set the solid technical foundation for simple and highly complex projects. You will want to have someone like him on board.

As you’ll also see by taking a look at these guys’ profiles, it’s quite an interesting mix.

What’s in it for you?

We have two of our eCommerce consultants, our technical lead and a chief sales officer all certified as Solution Specialists and this tells anyone planning for a new Magento project they can rely on us making sure we got them covered all the way through.

Starting with analyzing your requirements, all the way through technical implementation (don’t forget we also have 16 certified Magento developers on the roster) and optimizing the usability and overall performance of your store, we’re here for you.

If you’ve selected Magento as your platform of choice, who better to select to help you plan, deliver and optimize your eCommerce project then those certified to do exactly that?

Get in touch and let’s see how we can help you out!

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