2015 Overview in Infographics

2015 Overview in Infographics

Take a walk down the memory lane with us and have a look at how 2015 flew by at Inchoo. As our CEO, Tomislav Bilic, put it in his recent article, last year was a big one for Inchoo. There were many incredibly important moments for the company and its growth, and we are proud to present them, a bit differently, here.

We’ve certainly had some milestones in the past year worth mentioning. Becoming a Google Partner Agency and a Magento 2 Trained Solution Partner are just some of them.

2016 started out with 44 different characters working at Inchoo. 17 of them, myself included, joined the ranks during 2015.

Our ever expanding team has been all over the world – counting 9 international conferences and 26 Inchooers representing us. We even had 8 speakers spreading the word on the latest in the Magento community. Giving back to the community is something we always look forward to and continue to do every year.

We, as a team, created 61 new blog posts which brought us over 233 000 sessions per month and over 110 000 unique users! That simple equation resulted in over 1100 comments reaching over 8000 followers on Twitter and over 4000 likes on Facebook. Thank you for your amazing support guys!

We like it when you check out our profiles so you can get to know us a little bit better and we can already tell you have some favourites.

When we put all of these numbers and achievements into perspective, they reminded us of the reasons why we gave everything, every day, to become at least a bit better. And if we were to be honest (or subjective), we did improve.

All of that led us to 60+ projects which, of course, wouldn’t be possible without our clients. They are the ones, along with the community, who pushed our limits and we thank them for that.

Don’t forget to join us on all adventures 2016 will bring!

You can see more details about our company on the following infographic.

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