Inchoo is now a Google Partner

Inchoo is a 7-year-old.

Pretty successful and prominent one, but still, a 7-year-old. In business years, that’s a fine number. During our lifetime, we worked on numerous projects, participated and spoke at many conferences, and earned a lot of certificates and recognition.

Newest one is the Google Partner badge.

But, what does it mean to be a Google Partner? What’s different in the partner approach a company may offer and how does that make it stand out from the rest?

We’ve all heard about Google. From its search engine to many add ons it now offers. You have used, seen or at least picked up on Google Docs, Google Drive or Google Calendar. The way Google found its way into our everyday life confirms its strength and ever growing popularity.

Partner requirements

Being a Google Partner means that the Partner company itself is strong enough and able to keep up with fast Google trends.

When we talk about requirements, we must admit, there is a certain number of them. Don’t get us wrong, having those requirements means that the Google validates the knowledge and experience company has. It also means that it reviews the work of the company applying.

And not only that!

Once you completed the Partners company profile, got certified in Adwords, met the spending requirements and implemented best practices Google recommends, the process is not over. That’s when the “real review process” actually begins. Because, you see, Google wants to make sure that the companies he partners with are on top of their game.

Google will review the work company displays so you, when searching for a company matching your needs (yes, Google is also a matchmaker apparently), always get a company whose experience is current and up-to-date.

Working with Google Partner

With Google Partners, you are always sure that the work is being handled by certified analysts and account managers who are masters of Adwords features.

And while there may be situations where you’ll need support, Google ensures faster response for those in its partner network.

So, you see, being a Partner means many things, but when you add to the fact that Inchoo excels in Magento (from design and development to consulting), you can also understand why it’s easier for us to see the big picture of your eCommerce site.

Our consulting team is great at multichannel and omnichannel environments and we don’t hesitate to suggest improvements so contact us to get a free quote on managing your eCommerce PPC.

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