Two Inchooers crossing the pond for Magento Imagine

Two Inchooers crossing the pond for Magento Imagine

It’s a well known fact that Inchooers love travelling. We love exploring, as much as we love learning new things and meeting new people. This years Magento Imagine is an amazing place to do both.

Find out more about our musketeers, Vanja Bunjevac and Sasa Brankovic, who will be crossing the pond in order to rightfully present us at the event – here’s more about the level of their excitement, what they want to see in the US and who will they meet on their way to Vegas.

Hi guys, how are you? Are you nervous or excited because of your upcoming trip? Can you tell us where are you going and why?

Vanja: Hi Ivona, I am pretty good, thanks for asking. Currently, I have no time to think too much about our trip to the US since there’s so much work which needs to be done and prepared before we go. I’ll probably get both nervous and excited the night before the trip. Hopefully, I will be able to sleep on the plane. 🙂 And about where are we going…

Sasa:  We will attend Magento Imagine conference in Las Vegas. Unlike Vanja, I’m already pretty excited and looking forward to it.

Vanja: Besides Vegas, we are also going to New York for few days to visit our dear client Bryce Salvador.

It’s a well known fact that Inchoo loves sending people to conferences. Is this your first conference, have you already met the community which revolves around Magento, or this will be your first opportunity to do so?

Sasa: Yeah, thanks Inchoo (:

Since this is my first conference, I still haven’t had the chance to meet awesome people of Magento community. I guess this is about to change soon.

Vanja: For me it won’t be the first conference I’ll be attending, but first over the pond. 😉 I’ve already met a lot of Magento community peeps in Germany and Switzerland, but you can never know too many people.


Imagine is the biggest Magento conference which aims to bring together people from various parts of the ecosystem. What it is that you usually do at Inchoo and what do you expect to see/hear at Imagine?

Vanja: I am an eCommece Consultant at Inchoo and I usually manage projects and communicate with our clients. I also do a lot of marketing activities for our clients, like Google Shopping, SEO, etc. What I expect to see/hear at Imagine is some new stuff that will wow me and give me some new insights and knowledge.

Sasa: I work at Inchoo as backend developer so naturally developer oriented talks is what I will be aiming for. I’m particularly interested in Magento 2 related themes.

Any other things you’re looking forward in the States? We heard the rumours of you going to some sort of sports events – is that true? 🙂

Vanja: We didn’t plan a lot our trip to the US. I like to be spontaneous. We will most probably take one day to mingle around the New York. I hope I will be able to visit American Museum of Natural History in NY (and maybe see Neil deGrasse Tyson – my role model). What I also really want to visit, while in Vegas, is Grand Canyon. That just reminded me that I need to take out my International driver’s license. Sports events? That was just one of the ideas since there will be an NHL game between New Jersey Devils and Toronto Maple Leafs while we are there (the teams for which our clients, Bryce Salvador and Peter Ing, played for while they were playing hockey professionally). We will see…

Sasa: Hoping for some sightseeing if the time allows. I’m sure there are many interesting things to see and experience, especially in Las Vegas.


So, how long you’ll be staying? Anything you’d like to fit in those couple of days or anyone you’d like to meet given the fact that this will be your first conference for which you’ll cross an ocean? 🙂

Sasa:  We will be staying in US for seven days. As for meeting people I really have no special preference, the more the merrier.

Vanja: You know, these questions are really hard to answer since I didn’t have time to think about Vegas yet. This would be much easier if you asked me this question the day before the trip. 🙂

You heard it guys – the more the merrier!

Don’t hesitate to say hi to them and spark up a conversation – Imagine is one of those place where knowledge is exchanged not only on stage, but in mingling with people.

Don’t forget to join for a PreImagine, too!

…and see you all in Vegas! 🙂

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  1. Hi Folks,

    Hope you are doing good!

    We are all set to attend Imagine Ecommerce 2016. Let us know if we can schedule a meeting there. Our CEO Mr. Chintan Shah would like to meet you. Please let us know your availability.

    Abu Talib
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