See you at Meet Magento Switzerland!

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Wow! Switzerland is preparing for it’s first Meet Magento event?! Well, we got to support it!
On 24th of October, 4 Inchooers are packing their bags and heading to Glattfelden, nearby Zürich.

As other Meet Magento events, this one has a noble cause too – face to face connection of merchants, solution providers, web agencies, developers, decision makers and other parts of Magento community. Organization team from Swiss Online AG and Diglin GmbH made sure to have interesting agenda for both business and developer attendees.

We are practically sending the whole Inchoo expertise combination – Stjepan Udovicic as a Backend Developer, Mladen Ristic as a Frontend Developer, Biljana Fridrich as a Office Manager and Vanja Bunjevac as an eCommerce Consultant.

We asked our #mm14ch troop to share their expectations.

What presentations you just can’t wait to see?

Stjepan: One of the most interesting presentations will be “Using Vagrant for Magento development by Alexander Turiak”. I wanted to start using Vagrant, but never got a chance to explore it myself, therefore this will be great start. Another one, that might be even more interesting, is “Magento and HHVM” by Damian Luszczymak. This is something I have been exploring lately, and it would be great to hear other experiences too.

Mladen: Magento – Half a Rush-Hour for Developer, Build Magento 2 Extension, Using Vagrant for Magento development and Blogging for ecommerce are on my list.

Biljana: There are several presentations that I’m really keen to see but the one that interests me most is “Blogging for ecommerce”. Because… Well, I think is quite obvious. Hint: Inchoo blog.

Vanja: There is lots of interesting subjects I’d like to hear, but if I need to pick the most interesting ones, it’s definitively “Persuasive Ecommerce” by Guido. I think that todays psychology aspect of CRO is still in the beginnings and that after personalization, psychology is becoming and will be the next big thing.

Who are you looking forward to meet from the community?

Stjepan: Developers in general, no one specific. It will be great to hear their stories and experiences.

Mladen: No one in particular. I’m opened to meet everyone!

Biljana: I’d say Guido Jansen. I’m interested in psychology and he seems like a cool guy.

Vanja: Everyone, since this is my first Magento conference.

So, bowling is up for the after party. Has any of you ever bowled?

Stjepan: Once or twice. I wasn’t particularly good at it, but it was great fun. Definitely something I’m looking forward to.

Mladen: Played a couple of times. My motto is “work hard, play hard”.

Biljana: Is playing bowling on Nintendo also considered bowling? Kidding. I’ve played a few times. There were more broken nails than strikes.

Vanja: I’ll bowl with my left hand… I promise.

And what sightseeing plans have you made, traveling to Switzerland for the first time?

Stjepan: We still haven’t completed our plans, but we’ll do our best to see as much as possible. Especially since this is my first time in Switzerland.

Mladen: Well, I have a plan for us. Lindenhof (From Roman Fort to Green Vantage Point Over Zurich), Niederhof (Popular Promenade in Zurich’s Old Town), shopping in Bahnhofstrasse and Rosenhofu and if we have time – visit Baden.

Biljana: We’re still working on it. I’ve never been to Switzerland so we’ll probably just pick a couple of things that I’d love to see and then just go with the flow.

Vanja: It’s going to be a nice 12 hours road trip, but I’ll leave Mladen (our trip organizer) 🙂 to surprise us. I’ve been in all surrounding countries several times, but I’ve never been In Switzerland.

If you are coming to Meet Magento Switzerland too, don’t hesitate to say hi to our team!

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