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Magento. Software Testing. Party. That pretty much sums up 4 crazy days that are expecting developers who’ll go to MageTestFest. Florence (Italy) will host developers who are ready to get blown away by knowledge and expertise of speakers who worked hard to be able to stand in front of us all and share valuable insights! We know the value of this specialized event, that’s why we’re sending our Stjepan Udovicic and Tomislav Nikcevski to get in-depth knowledge and tips & tricks of testing.

MageTestFest is kicked off with two days of workshops, each day offering 2 separate full-day workshops. You can choose between Magento Functional Testing Framework vs, Refactoring Legacy Code on the first day, and Performance Profiling & Testing vs. Magento Integration Testing & TDD on a second day.

Contribution day and hackathon will focus on improving the unit tests and integration tests of the Magento 2 core.

What our Inchooers have to say about MageTestFest?

Stjepan, you’ve actually been to MageTestFest before. As I remember, it left a great impression on you. What useful everyday business practice came from it?

Yes, [last time] we had a great time at the conference and learned a lot. The most valuable thing I have learned there is how to get started and what to watch out for, especially on the workshops. Since then, we have been able to introduce some basics on a company level. Hopefully, this year’s additional hands-on experience with Magento testing will allow me to easily spread the knowledge to the rest of the team and bring the testing to the next level.

Tomislav, you’ve seen the agenda for these 4 crazy days in Italy, what are you looking forward to the most?

Besides learning something new regarding unit/integrational tests, I’m looking forward to meeting new people with interests in development and checking out Firenze. Tests are useful for providing stability to your application by saving you testing time during development and helping you with testing of older applications parts when making new changes on larger applications. I’m sure it will be beneficial to learn from people with experience in this area.

Allow these authoritative speakers to boost your brain:

  • Max Yekaterynenko, Head of Community Engineering & Marketplace at Magento
  • Ravi Menon, Magento Marketplace Lead Architect, also in charge of EQP2
  • Vinai Kopp, Magento expert, Magento U trainer, fan of Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Tom Erskine, Magento senior engineer renewing the Magento Functional Testing Framework
  • James Cowie, CTO for SheroCommerce, loving TDD and BDD, Magento 2016 Magento Mover
  • Matheo Geoffray, Magento developer at Dn’D with a passion for performance
  • Javier Villlanueva, Magento developer, passionate about working with React and Cypress
  • Andreas Mautz, Lead Developer @webvisum, Trainer for PhpStorm and git-flow, Firegento board member
  • Stephan Hochdörfer, bitExpert co-founder, unKonf host, co-organizer of Phpugffm and Phpugmrn
  • Bernard van der Esch, Magento developer at Cyclad (Warsaw)
  • Fabian Schmengler, Magento developer, part of @integer-net, Magento Master 2017/2018, blogger
  • Anton Kril, Director of Architecture at Magento
  • Jisse Reitsma, Founder of Yireo, trainer, Magento Master, organizer of Reacticon and MageTestFest

Use this opportunity to connect! Don’t just hang out with your usual Magento community event wingmen. 🙂 Feel free to say hi to Stjepan and Tomislav. See you there!

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