Events & Observers

Large number of input variables in Magento

UPDATE: The issue described in the following text has been taken care of in Magento EE 1.14 / CE 1.9

Recently, a pretty strange issue occurred on one of our projects. Our client reported that when trying to assign products to a category, only a thousand of products got saved while the other ones were ignored. To deal with this issue, I decided to jump to the category save action and check for any problems with the code that may cause this behaviour.

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Implement rel alternate links in Magento

With the rise of E-commerce, selling goods to customers around the globe became easier than ever before. Internet has no borders, and anyone can ‘walk into your store’ whilst being in comfort of his own home.

An increasing need for multilingual stores has appeared. You might want your customers to be able to browse your store in their own language.

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Adding links to the Top menu in Magento

One of the things that may sound easy to set are the top menu items, or the main menu items if you prefer. But we’re talking about Magento here and it isn’t as easy as it sounds. A specific way of creating menu items out of categories makes this fairly easy task a nightmare. Fortunately for us, Magento has a secret up its sleeve.

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Magento Configurable Cron

Cron in Magento is fairly easy to configure. A few lines in config.xml, a method and it’s done. But what happens if you want to spice it up a bit and create a schedule-configurable cron? Fortunately for us, Magento has that already included in the system and it’s pretty easy to implement.

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Newsletter auto-subscribe on create account and place order in Magento

By default Magento provides a Newsletter feature, which enables store administrators to send newsletters to customers who have registered to receive them. Since most customers tend not to opt-in to any email subscription related services, you might need to automatically subscribe customers when they register or place an order. In this article I’ll present code and simple Magento extension to make it easier for you to accomplish this task.

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Product Stock Alerts (not) working

Recently one of our clients had contacted us and said that ProductAlert functionality doesn’t work any more. After I investigated the situation I saw that last email regarding to Stock Alerts was sent several months ago. In the meantime we’ve upgraded the site to Magento EE and at first I thought that maybe during the upgrade something went wrong. Other thought was that maybe client has modified Transactional Email Template… After reviewing log files I couldn’t find anything related to those emails. System did send other emails though.

During the investigation I saw on forums that other developers have similar issue that weren’t resolved yet. After tracing and looking what might have gone wrong we’ve found… 

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Magento Event Driven Programming Tips & Tricks

One of the cool things about Magento from the application architectural point of view is its support for the event driven programming. That is, event – observer system. The whole idea is pretty simple. On one side you have an events getting fired, and on another side you have observers listening for specific events and executing certain logic when specific event is fired. What’s great about event driven programming is that it enables clear separation of your custom code from the core code.

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Custom Magento Events: Customer First Order

Often you will stumble upon a case where Magento lacks certain events that you can easily observe. Various business cases can sometimes truly stretch the boundaries of even the best shopping carts like Magento. Luckily, creating or more properly said dispatching your own event in Magento is pretty straight forward task.

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There’s no “EMPTY CART” on Magento’s cart page

Or at least, hasn’t been there yet. Recently I had to do one too many cart tests, and one of most annoying things was when I had to empty it, As anyone – I had to click it one by one. Today I’m going to explain how can you avoid this by simply creating one simple extension, and enabling “Empty cart” link functionality.

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Adding extra security to the Magento’s admin “Forgot your password?”

For those of you interested in adding a little extra security to your Magento’s admin “Forgot your password?” feature, you might find this module useful. The thing about current Magento ( “Forgot your password?” feature is that it immediately resets your password and sends it to you in an email. Unlike many other systems, Magento won’t send you a “Password change confirmation” email first with some randomly generated key/url which you need to visit in order to actually change your password. It will reset you password immediately.

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