Enabling Multi-part MIME Emails in Magento

This article will explain steps needed for altering Magento transactional emails in order to support Multi-part mime emails. Which means that those emails will support both Text and HTMl versions of email. Core for handling multipart data is already implemented in Zend_Mime module, so there is no need for writing code that will handle necessary headers and boundary for multipart implementation.

So let’s get to it!

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Extending “Contact us” functionality in Magento

One of the most important aspects of any business is customer support. It is important to enable your customers to easily reach to you if they need to contact you.

Out of the box Magento offers nice form on “Contact us” page where customers can enter their info and submit support request without opening their email client and searching for your customer service email.

However, sometimes that’s not enough. Depending of your business type and size, you may want to split your customer support into departments to improve your efficiency of solving support requests.

Luckily, it’s not complicated so let’s start!

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Magento’s transactional eMails do-s and don’t-s

Editing and styling Magento’s transactional eMails and eMails in general can be a real headache. There are numerous reasons for that, for example the number of eMail clients available that have their own quirks and the complicated workflow of the testing process. This article will cover some of the general advices and tricks that will, hopefully, help you in development. These aren’t some general rules for the most part, but advices and guidelines that you may or may not use, which I discovered during my work on various projects.

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Disabling Magento’s default newsletter transactional emails

Not everyone is satisfied with Magento’s options regarding newsletters so they choose to use some 3rd party service (like MailChimp). In that case it might be a good idea to disable Magento’s default newsletter transactional emails and let that other 3rd party service take care of emails.

In this tutorial I’ll demonstrate how to disable those default Magento’s newsletter transactional emails.

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Remind customers to place their first order in Magento

Sometimes customers need a little encouragement to place their first order after creating an account. There are many reasons this is the case, for example customers may forget to bookmark your site, thus they might have difficulties finding your store second time around. In this article I’ll present one way of keeping an eye on your customers orders count and sending first order reminder emails, trough free Magento extension named Inchoo_OrderReminder.

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Product Stock Alerts (not) working

Recently one of our clients had contacted us and said that ProductAlert functionality doesn’t work any more. After I investigated the situation I saw that last email regarding to Stock Alerts was sent several months ago. In the meantime we’ve upgraded the site to Magento EE and at first I thought that maybe during the upgrade something went wrong. Other thought was that maybe client has modified Transactional Email Template… After reviewing log files I couldn’t find anything related to those emails. System did send other emails though.

During the investigation I saw on forums that other developers have similar issue that weren’t resolved yet. After tracing and looking what might have gone wrong we’ve found… 

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Print message in all languages using single store, date on specified localization

Did you maybe try to print one message in “all” languages on a single page?

First, let me tell you when I needed to do that. Recently I needed to develop functionality that will send some “custom” emails. You already know that we can set transactional emails for each website / store view and have those emails translated in administration/db. Challenge in my case was that I needed to translate some “random” sentences in one transactional email so using predefined email template wasn’t possible. Sure that we can inject variables and/or objects into email templates, but that didn’t help in my case.

If you have installed any version of Magento community edition >= we can start with our translate module.

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Installation and configuration of local Mail server for Windows (hMail Server)

This is not exactly Magento related post, but it might be useful when you are setting up a dev environment on your local machine. There are many good and free mail servers out there which are relatively easy to install on your Windows machine, but the problems may occur when you try to configure all the bits and pieces of your system so you can actually use your local mail server for something other than producing system errors 🙂 .

When I started working with PHP a long time ago, I was (naturally) looking for a mail server that could be used on my local machine. For some reason that is now long forgotten, I have decided to use hMail Server (freeware). Since it never failed me, it stayed in my standard set of must-have tools. In this post I’ll try to present a step-by-step manual on how to install and configure your system to use hMail Server.

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No, this mail is not Junk, or how to properly configure Magento mailing

First of all I’m not really a Magento developer nor its power user or any sort of user for that matter. My primary function is server administration and configuration for hosted web sites, Magento included. Like any good developer you will be handling all the nifty custom code and the web site itself. However, when it comes to mailing, your application will format the mail message and forward it to the system based software to transfer your message via SMTP to its destination.

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Problems with Contact form

Couple of days ago I had a problem with contact form not working in Magento Professional Magento was throwing error “Unable to submit your request. Please, try again later” after submitting form. Of course all requested fields was filled. Here I will explain what needs to be done if you have same problems.

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Magento L.E.S.S.

Sometimes its all about title, right?! So, what is LESS? Well, its my fancy acronym for something utterly simply but very practical. It stands for (L)ocalhost (E)mail (S)erver (S)imulator. Basically its neither email server or simulator in the real sense of word. Its just a little trick you can apply on the “app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Email/Template.php” file to compensate for lack of the local email server in your development environment while developing for Magento.

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Custom email server (transport) with Magento

Magento has quite interesting email sending capabilities. However, those are more in terms of email templates then selecting a non-built in email server. Sometimes, your web hosting might have separate mail server and even the simple php send mail does not work. In such cases you are forced to use an external mail server that supports SMTP. Good example of this is a Gmail.

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